Potassium chloride

Customer wanted to use potassium chloride as the raw material to produce 20 tons per hour granular fertilizer on 2nd June 2023. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide customer with a suitable fertilizer production project. After discussing the details, we recommend him with rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.


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How to Improve the Viscosity of Potassium Chloride to Produce High Quality Pellets?

During the granulation process, customer may find it difficult for potassium chloride to condense into balls. So how can you increase the viscosity of potassium chloride? We recommend customer to finely pulverize the material. The finer the particle size of the material, the better its viscosity. Customer can crush materials to less than 60 mesh. This can not only improve the viscosity of the material, but also improve the strength and surface finish of the compound fertilizer particles.

Can we use drum granulator to improve the viscosity of potassium chloride?

Of course. After the granulated material is mixed by proportioning, the viscosity is best at the temperature of 60-65℃. Therefore, if you increase the granulation temperature properly, you can increase the viscosity of the material. At this time, you can use a drum granulator to feed steam to increase the temperature of the granulated material and increase the viscosity of the material.

Which Plant is Suitable for Producing 20TPH Potassium Chloride Pellet Fertilizer with 2 to 4 mm?

In order to help customer produce 20 tons per hour potassium chloride pellet fertilizer, we recommend him drum granulator fertilizer production line. He can use rotary drum granulation equipment to make fertilizer. Because rotary drum granulator ‘s capacity is about 1-30 tons per hour, which is suitable for make 20 tons per hour potassium chloride pellet fertilizer. Customer only need to configure a set of this machine.

And this equipment can produce 3-6mm pellets, also meeting customer’s 2-4mm requirements. In addition, because drum granulator belongs to wet granulation, customer also need to dry and cool after making pellets.

Can we use double roller granulator production line to make potassium chloride pellets?

Of course. Compared with drum granulator production line, this production line’s cost is more less. Because it belongs to dry granulation, which customer do not dry and cool the finished fertilizer. And double roller granulator can make pellets with 3-10mm, which also meet customer requirement. But when he use extrusion granulator to produce fertilizer, he needs to configure more sets of granulators to produce 20 tons per hour fertilizer.

How to Make Potassium Chloride Pellets in this Plant with Red Appearance?

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