How to turn cow dung into treasure has always been a big problem for cattle farmers. The accumulation of cow dung will not only cause air pollution, but also waste land resources. Therefore, it is imperative to dispose of cow dung. Of course, there are many ways to deal with cow manure. But the most affordable and effective way is to turn cow dung into fertilizer. We have professional equipment and production lines to help you dispose of cow dung. If you require them, welcome to consult us.


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How does solid-liquid separator machine manage your cow dung waste?

A solid-liquid separator machine can be an effective solution for managing cow dung waste. You can use a it to process cow manure. Utilize solids and liquids separately to maximize the use of cow dung. Make it easier to handle and dispose of the waste. Here are some steps you can follow to use a solid-liquid separator machine for cow dung waste management.

You can collect the cow dung waste and feed it into the machine. And you must make sure the waste is as dry as possible, as wet waste can clog the machine. Therefore,you can use dryer to carry out preliminary drying.

The machine will separate the solid and liquid components of the waste. You can use the solid component to accumulation fermentation.After that making fertilizer that bring commercial benefits for you. While you can also use the liquid component as liquid fertilizer or disposed of in a safe manner.

After using this machine,you need to regularly clean and maintain the machine. To ensure its efficient operation for your cow dung waste. This step is very important. If you are not maintain it in time,it will reduce your work efficiency to lead to waste your time.

Fermentation to dispose of cow dung waste for your fertilizer production line

The most affordable way to dispose of cow manure is to turn it into fertilizer. Among them, the early stage of fermentation is very important. It affects the state of subsequent fertilizer making. At the same time, fermented cow dung is also its preliminary treatment.

drying cow dung fertilizer
Drying the cow dung waste below 85% moisture

Before fermentation, you need to control the moisture content of cow dung below 85%, so that it will be convenient for the following steps. So, we’ve designed your dryer for you to help you remove excess moisture in your fertilizer making plant.

Mix Cow Manure with Straw in A Ratio of 7:3

Then you need to mix cow manure with straw in a ratio of 7:3. The carbon ratio of cow dung and straw is controlled at 23-28, and the water content is controlled at 52%-68%. After that, you can add organic fertilizer fermentation and decomposing agent to accelerate ripening.

mix cow dung fertilizer for disposal
crawler type compost turner for managing cow dung
Windrow Compost for Cow Dung Waste

You need to stack on the fermentation field into strips with a bottom width of 1.8-3 meters, a top width of 0.8-1 meters, and a height of 1-1.5 meters. And the interval between the stacks is 0.5 meters. For this reason, we have designed a crawler turning machine for you, which is specially used for strip stack turning. And the stirring tooth has a blending function, which can fully stir the fermentation agent and the material.

Meet the fermentation standard to cow manure

You have to be even when turning the pile. You need to turn the low-level special materials into the upper middle part of the pile as much as possible so that they can fully rot. However, when the temperature exceeds 70°C, the pile must be turned immediately. Otherwise, a large number of beneficial microorganisms and fermenting bacteria will be killed, which is not conducive to fermentation and maturity.

meet the fermentation standard for cow dung

Tips for fully fermented and decomposed standard

You can look at the color. The color of the general fertilizer will turn brown or dark brown. Ammonium nitrogen content increased significantly. Look at the volume. The volume of decomposed compost is 1/3-1/2 lower than that of the newly piled pile. You need to spread the fermented organic fertilizer evenly on the drying field, and the thickness should not exceed 20 cm. And you often turn in the sun to keep the water content below 32%.

How to turn cow dung waste into powder fertilizer in your fertilizer making plant?

Powder fertilizer manufacturing production line is a simple process to turn material into powder fertilizer. Therefore, only need to a few machines for you.

Cow dung waste granular fertilizer making production

When you want to dispose of your cow manure, the most cost-effective way is to turn it into granular fertilizer. The previous production steps are similar to the production of powdered fertilizers – cow manure is processed by using compost turner, manure shredders and mixers. The following is the most critical step, you can use the drum granulator for granulation. Because this granulation process is wet granulation, you need to dry and cool later. Finally you can directly pack.

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