Compound fertilizer equipment includes many types of machines for compound fertilizer production. Not only you want to produce compound NPK fertilizer pellets, but also make chemical powder fertilizer, it can all meet your requirements. But how to choose an ideal compound fertilizer equipment for your NPK compound fertilizer production project? Can they make fertilizer in a short time? As a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, SX can provide you some suitable equipment. If you have any other requirements, you can contact us immediately for customization.


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What Equipment is Needed to Manufacture Compound Fertilizer?

If you want to turn raw material into high-quality fertilizer, you need to process it multiple times. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, Shunxin can provide you with suitable fertilizer equipment for every procedure.The following is the most complete production equipment for compound fertilizers.

Powder Compound Fertilizer Manufacturing

Crushing the Compound Material

Before producing compound fertilizer, you need to make all materials into powder. Because it is convenient for subsequent batching and mixing. So the fertilizer crusher plays an important role in high quality chemical fertilizer production. Cage shredder and chain crusher are suitable for grinding compound fertilizer materials.

Batching for Compound Powder Fertilizer Making

Compound fertilizer is especially produced to supplement the nutrients lacking in plant growth. So you need making it in a certain proportion. Batching is the process to adjust the proportion. During this process, there are static batching machine and dynamic automatic batching equipment for your choice. They have a high degree of automation and can greatly save your time and production cost.

Mix the Batched Material

Then you need to fully mix the materials. It is the key step to making uniform compound fertilizer. For this, we recommend you choose horizontal mixer or disc mixer. The former can help you mixing different chemical materials evenly effectively and the latter can help you reduce the cost of compound fertilizer making.

NPK Powder Compound Fertilizer into Pellets Equipment

Granulator for Disposed Material

If you want to further improve compound fertilizer, turning it into granules is an excellent choice. After granulating, contact area between fertilizers will become smaller, which makes it not easy to stick. So it is convenient for storage and transport. Among our fertilizer granulators, pan granulator, rotary drum pelletizer are more suitable for using wet granulation method. And the double roller granulator is an ideal choice, if you want to use the dry granulation method.

Dryer and Cooler

Excessive moisture content is not conducive to the storage and use of fertilizers. If the moisture content of fertilizer is more than 14%, the drying process is inevitable. Then after drying, cooling can remove the water from the pellets surface, and lower the temperature.

drum dryer for compound fertilizer
screen machine for compound fertilizer

Screening Machine

During this process, you need to differentiate between qualified and unqualified fertilizers. Then convey the qualified compound fertilizer to the next procedure, and the unqualified to re-granulate. Rotary screening machine can help you complete the task perfectly.

Packaging Equipment

Packaging is the last machine of the whole compound fertilizer production. It is dispensable if you make fertilizer for your own use. But if you want to sell it to others, it can improve the competitiveness of your fertilizer products.

single bucket compound fertilizer packaging

BB Compound Fertilizer Making Machine

In addition to the equipment used in compound fertilizer production above, BB compound fertilizer equipment is also different from them.

What is the Price of Compound Fertilizer Equipment?

There are three budget of compound fertilizer equipment for your reference. You can choose according to your condition.

Compound Fertilizer Equipment

With such budget, you can establish the small scales compound fertilizer production factory: 1-10t/h compound fertilizer production line, including powder compound fertilizer equipment & BB compound fertilizer machine. And 1-3 t/h NPK compound fertilizer granulation plant, using double roller granulator as this plant’s pelletizer.

When setting up the $60,000-$150,000 compound fertilizer plant, you can produce about 20-40 tons per hour BB compound fertilizer granules. For this budget, you can also setup a pan granulation plant. The disc granulator ’s granulation rate can reach 93%, which can meet your requirements according to your budget.

If you have a budget of over $150,000, rotary drum granulation plant is the best choice for you. Because drum granulation machine can produce 1-30 t/h compound pellets, which is far more than other granulator.

How to Become a Compound Fertilizer Manufacturer?

For those who are new to the compound fertilizer industry we recommend that you start with a small-scale compound fertilizer plant. Before becoming a small-scale compound fertilizer manufacture, you need to do following things.

  • 1. First of all, you should investigate the development of the compound fertilizer industry and make your business plan. Write down your budget for building a small compound fertilizer plant and your expected annual output in your fertilizer production project.

  • 2. Then you have to determine your raw materials, plant location, compound fertilizer production line, workers and other things for your small-scale compound fertilizer factory. These all are the necessary conditions for the establishment of a compound fertilizer plant.

  • 3. Finally, you had better cooperate with an experienced fertilizer equipment manufacturer such as SHUNXIN. Because an experienced fertilizer equipment manufacturer will help you design a fertilizer production line that suits you, and will provide you with necessary assistance during you fertilizer production process.

How Do you Choose a Trustworthy NPK Compound Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer?

How can you find a trustworthy granular NPK fertilizer machinery manufacturer? Here are the things that you need to know.

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