Bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effect, which is composed of specific functional microorganisms and animal and plant residues. Its characteristic is to add functional microorganisms to the high-quality organic fertilizer.It is rich in a variety of functional beneficial microorganisms, which can improve effectively soil compaction, soil physical and chemical properties.

Therefore, the prospect of bio-fertilizer is very bright now, and it is very popular among fertilizer manufacturers. Our company has a full set of bio fertilizer production project equipment, which can meet all the needs of customers. For details, please see my introduction below.


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Procedure for production of bio fertilizer

The production process of bio-organic fertilizers is similar to that of organic fertilizers, but there are still some subtle differences. I will introduce it in detail below.

Firstly,you need to stack and ferment the organic fertilizer for the second time, and the temperature drops to about 40 degrees after stacking for 15-20 days. And you can evenly add the bacterial agent with the functions of phosphorus and potassium, nitrogen fixation, and underground pest control to the soil at a ratio of 1:500 in the fermented organic fertilizer.

Then, you can add functional bacteria and stir evenly. The functional bacteria agent and the fermented organic fertilizer are evenly added in proportion to the organic fertilizer stack and fermented for 7 days to reach the standard of bio-organic fertilizer.

Additionally, you need to crush and screen larger materials. Later, making materials into powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer according to your needs. You can pack powdered fertilizers directly after sieving. And using granulation equipment produce granular fertilizers . After granulation, dry and cool before packaging.

bio fertilizer production line

This is the production process of biological fertilizer. Our company also has corresponding supporting equipment that can proide your bio fertilizer production project, and we look forward to your coming to buy.

Raw materials for bio fertilizer production

It is very important to make bio-fertilizer raw materials. The amount and composition of raw materials will affect the effect of fertilizer making later.

bio fertilizer for production plant

Such as sugar factory filter mud (water content 70%), herbal peat (water content 30%), fresh chicken manure (water content 70%), straw powder and sewage treatment plant sludge (water content 85%), etc. The above-mentioned raw materials include but not limit to, all are good raw materials for making bio-fertilizer.

You can adapt these raw materials in our company’s equipment well. The overall equipment is made of stainless steel and has a long service life.

In addition, another key point of making biological fertilizer is the bacterial agent. The bacterial agent is made of peat or other adsorbents plus bacterial powder. Adding bacteria agent in the stirring process is a node of making bio-fertilizer. The validity period of the bacterial powder is as long as 24 months, and it has good biological stability, convenient transportation and storage resistance.

Our company’s equipment can also accept bacterial agents very well, ensuring that equipment will not disturb during the use of bacterial agents.

One-stop service to bio fertilizers production

If you want to buy our company’s bio fertilizer production project equipment, don’t worry too much. We have a very complete pre-sales and after-sales service to solve your problems before and after purchase.


Secondly, when you purchase, we will recommend the equipment suitable for you according to your situation. For example, if your site is relatively large and the budget is sufficient, the turning equipment will recommend a wheel type turning machine to you. If you want to produce granular fertilizer with large output, we will recommend drum granulator to you. Of course, related auxiliary equipment is also needed.


After you purchase our company’s equipment, we will also plan and design according to your site. The company will send engineers to your site to help you plan and design, not only help you plan the production line, but also help you minimize costs according to your budget. For example, the price of equipment, the price of water and electricity facilities and other machines, the freight of transportation vehicles, etc., we will help you give a reasonable plan. So don’t hesitate. we look forward to your reply.


Before purchasing, we will answer relevant doubts and provide quotations for you. Our company’s activities will also bring you a lot of benefits.

Bio fertilizers production, fertilizer manufactures top choice in 2023!

The production cost of biological fertilizer is low, the application effect is good, and it does not pollute the environment. After application, it not only increases capacity of bio fertilizer production project, but also improves the quality of agricultural products and reduces the amount of chemical fertilizers used.

There is an urgent need for bio-fertilizers to develop green food industry. The application of biological fertilizer can greatly shorten the fermentation time of organic fertilizer, which is conducive to the industrial production of organic fertilizer and makes organic fertilizer develop towards commercialization. Long-term application of bio-organic fertilizers can fertilize the soil, purify the growing environment of crops, and create conditions for the sustainable development of agriculture.

From the perspective of developing sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, and ecological agriculture, biological fertilizers have broad application prospects and huge potential markets. Moreover, you can obtain the raw materials of biological fertilizers locally, the cost is low. And its ecological benefits are irreplaceable by chemical fertilizers.

bio manure for fertilizer making plant

From the above point of view, fertilizer manufacturers favor biological fertilizer , and our company has comprehensive equipment for the production of this fertilizer. So if you need, you can come to consult us.

What are the benefits of the bio-organic fertilizer produced by our equipment?

How to make bio fertilizer production in large quantities ?

A good biological fertilizer has strict requirements in terms of effective viable bacteria count, water content, pH value, adsorbent particle size, organic matter content, miscellaneous bacteria rate, and effective storage period.

Liquid bio-fertilizer should contain 500-1.5 billion live effective bacteria per milliliter. The solid bio-fertilizer contains 100-300 million live effective bacteria per gram. The appropriate water content is 20%-35%, and the fineness of the adsorbent is about 0.18mm. PH5.5-7.5. The bacteria rate is lower than 15%-20%, no pathogenic bacteria and parasites. And the effective storage period is not less than 6 months.

Judging from the above data, a good bio-fertilizer needs to meet a very high standard. So how can we produce high-quality bio-fertilizer in your bio fertilizer production project?

The key is to have good equipment. Our company’s biological fertilizer production equipment can fully meet your needs. Whether it is granular fertilizer or powder fertilizer, the equipment is very sophisticated. The accessories of our company’s equipment are also cooperated with major manufacturers, and we can guarantee the quality . And the use time is long, and the operation efficiency is high. The electronic control equipment is also first-class in China, and the control in terms of precision is very high. In addition, minimizing the error.

So, don’t hesitate anymore, we’re waiting for your good news.