The disc granulator fertilizer production line mainly uses the agglomeration method to make fertilizer powder into granules. After drying and cooling, etc., you can obtain the fertilizer product after packaging. The organic fertilizer disc granulation process has a short production process, a simple structure, less investment, and is easy to operate.It can monitor the operation of the equipment at any time, and adjust it in time when you find any abnormality.If you want to know more details, please continue reading.


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How to make granules fertilizer in pan production line?

The disc granulation production line is low in cost, easy to operate, and has a high pelleting rate. Below I will introduce its production process for you.

  • First of all, you can use a trough type turning and throwing machine to turn over the fertilizer. After turning over, if the desired effect is not achieved, you can use the fermenter to decompose and heat up quickly.

  • In addition,you need to crush and screen the larger materials to select materials suitable for fertilizer making.

  • Then you can carry out granulation. By using a disc granulator to granulate, the pelleting rate is high and easy to use.

  • Finally, you can carry out drying and cooling to reduce the temperature of the fertilizer to the standard required for bagging.

  • Choose whether to install an automatic packaging machine according to your needs.

Working principle for pan granulation machine in your production line

pan granulator

After mixing the material evenly, you can transport it to the top of the disc by the conveyor. In addition, continuously adding quantitatively to the disc, and spraying an appropriate amount of water.

After the raw material ball core enters the ball forming disc, centrifugal force, friction force and gravity affect it in the disc. Furthermore, it moves along a parabola.Due to the cohesiveness and plasticity of the material, bonding the ball cores to each other and gradually grow up during the movement.

When the inclination angle of the ball forming plate, the height of the edge of the plate, the rotation speed and the water content are constant. The balls of different particle sizes will leave the edge of the plate and roll down at different angles due to the difference in gravity.

In the process of continuous rolling, discharging the water in the ball continuously out of the surface. Due to the cohesiveness of the material and the natural volatilization of the liquid film on the surface, the ball has a certain strength.  Then with the rotation of the tilting plate, it moves from the edge of the disc comes out of the disc.

Why should you have a disc granulator fertilizer production line?

There are many benefits to owning a disc granulation production line, let’s start with its performance.

  • You can have a low investment: the total investment of compound fertilizer produced by disc granulation can be saved by 30% compared with other processes.

  • The raw materials of disc granulation have wide adaptability and the production formula is flexible. In addition, it is more suitable for the production of low-nutrient compound fertilizer (20%-35%).

  • The quality of the product meets the national standards in terms of nutrients, moisture, particle size, strength, and water-soluble phosphorus.

  • Convenient operation: disc granulation is easy to make you control and flexible to adjust.

  • You can have low production cost and high economic benefit.

Selection equipment for disc granulator fertilizer plant

According to the different production environment and production requirements, you can choose the material and shape of the disc granulator by themselves. According to different production requirements, the diameter of the selected disc is also different from 1800-3600mm. Then you can choose according to the parameters. If the output is large, they can also purchase multiple sets to improve production efficiency.

Moisture for making fertilizer in the pan granulator fertilizer production line

The moisture of the material is very important in the whole production line. It is related to the fertilizer efficiency and hardness of the fertilizer. In addition, the composition and moisture of raw materials determine the pelleting rate of fertilizer granules in the disc granulator. To ensure good moisture uniformity and material composition that can be rolled into balls, the moisture required for pelleting cannot be reduced due to later drying. Because it will cause seriously affect the ball into the rate.

4 Ways to increase capacity of pan granulator fertilizer production line

For a fertilizer manufacturer, the output of a disc pelleting line is of the most importance. But how to get a high capacity of your line? We should pay special attention to the key equipment in the fertilizer production plant – disc granulator.

According to the characteristics of the powder: composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc., you should control the water content of the particles at about 30-28%.

You can grab a handful of balled materials from the disc granulator by hand, and it is advisable to hold them into balls and loosen them with a light touch with your fingers. In this way, there are many grains, high output, and it is not easy to block the screen surface.

The working mechanism of the must be mastered when selecting the nozzle. This allows for better adjustment during work.

The blade is a wearing part, so you need to replace it regularly to ensure the efficiency of production

disc pelleting production line

Through the improvement and understanding of the disc granulator, the efficiency of the entire production line can be improved overall.