NPK fertilizer have high nutrients value including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which is beneficial for your crop growth. So most of fertilizer manufacturers want to produce NPK fertilizer. But how to make NPK fertilizer in your factory? Like customer from Indonesia wanted to set up a NPK fertilizer plant to produce fertilizer. Then after discussing the details, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide customer with a suitable NPK fertilizer production project and help him set up this plant. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.


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What is the Layout of NPK Fertilizer Plant in Indonesia?

The customer wanted to know the complete production line layout, so we made a plan for him. We divide his production site into three areas: batching area, granulation area and packing area.

npk fertilizer production line

He can adjust the prepared raw materials to the ratio he needs through the batching machine. Then he crushes and stirs the prepared materials to pretreat the materials.

Customer from Indonesia can use drum granulator, disc granulator or double roller extrusion granulator to pellet according to his needs. After granulation, check whether drying and cooling are required according to the granulation process.

We recommend him to configure automatic packaging machines for bagging. In addition, if the customer’s budget is sufficient, he can install a palletizer after packaging to place the packaged finished fertilizers one by one.

Which Equipment is Suitable for Dry Granulation Process to Make NPK Fertilizer in Indonesia?

Customer from Indonesia wanted to use dry granulation process to make NPK fertilizer. SX recommend him to configure double roller granulator. Because this equipment adopt extrusion granulation, which do not dry and cool the fertilizer. And he planned to produce capacity of 9 tons per hour NPK fertilizer. This machine can also meet him requirements. So he can configure 4 sets of equipment in his NPK fertilizer plant.

How Much Invest a NPK Fertilizer Plant in Indonesia?

In order to help customer from Indonesia know the investment of NPK fertilizer plant, we will split the production line to explain to customer one by one.

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