We have a special plan for manure disposal on a scale of 100,000 chickens. You can use an organic fertilizer fermenter to ferment and decompose chicken manure. Chicken manure can also be turned into powdered fertilizer with 35000 US dollars or granular fertilizer with 110000 US dollars for sale. You can choose according to your needs.


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105m³ Organic Fermentation Tank for 100 Thousand Poultry Farm Manure Composting

The organic fertilizer fermentation tank mainly uses microorganisms to biodecompose and decompose the organic matter in the waste, and transform it into organic fertilizer raw materials to realize resource utilization. So we specially designed this equipment for your chicken manure treatment.This equipment can initially process chicken manure and prepare for your follow-up work.

7-10 Days Rapid Fermentation to 100 Thousand Poultry Farm Manure

The fermentation period is about 7-10 days, and you can add more installations as needed. Although the fermentation time is short, the insulation measures of the tank are good. Not limited by seasons, you can use it all year round. In addition, this equipment is closed in the whole process, and the deodorizing effect is 99%. You don’t have to worry about any off-flavors during the week of fermentation. The chicken manure heats up rapidly in the tank, and the moisture can reach 50-60%, which can fully meet your subsequent fertilizer making standards.

organic fertilizer tank for poultry farm manure
How Does Our Organic Fementer Recduce Your Cost in Poultry Farm Manure Disposal?

Because of the scale for 100 thousand poultry farm manure, it will definitely take a lot of manpower and material resources to deal with. But this organic fertilizer fermentation tank uses a fully automatic device. Only manual feeding is required, and the material will be fed automatically when the hopper is lifted. Greatly save your labor cost.

Powder Fertilizer Making Plan for Your Poultry Farm Manure Management

To maximize the use of chicken manure, the best way is to make them into fertilizer. The shape of fertilizer has two types: powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer. Different fertilizers correspond to different equipment and prices. Our equipment manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction.

Budget for Powder Fertilizer Making Plant to Poultry Farm Manure

According to the farm with 100,000 chickens, you can produce 10 tons of chicken manure a day. Then, the capacity for configuring a powder fertilizer production line includes:compost turner, feeding machine, vertical crusher, screening equipment, packaging machine and belt conveyor. So the budget for this fertilizer making plant is 35000 US dollars. This includes the price of the equipment and other costs. If you are interested, inquiry us for details.

100 Thousand Poultry Farm Manure Solutions to Granular Fertilizer Making Plant

Produce granular fertilizer to dispose of 100thousand poultry farm manure can bring you high commercial profits. Therefore, it is the best choice for you.

The Cost of Granular Fertilizer Making Plant to Dispose of 100 Thousand Poultry Farm Manure

Through your farm scale,we can help you preview the cost of making granular fertilizer. According to the output of 1t/h, you can configure the granular fertilizer production line with compost turner, feeding machine, vertical pulverizer, screening equipment, batching machine, stirring tooth granulator, dryer and cooler, coating machine, packaging equipment and belt conveyor. So the budget for you is 110000 US dollars. Then you can plan for your cost to buy this production plant.

drum granulator production plant for poultry farm manure

Technology for Making Granular Fertilizer in Your Poultry Farm

The granulation process has two technologies: wet granulation and dry granulation. The equipment used in the two different processes is also different.

You can choose the above two granulation processes according to your needs.