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What is the Layout of Phosphate Fertilizer Granulation Plant?

This production line can be divided into four areas: raw material stacking area, raw material processing area, aging area and granulation area. The division of labor varies from region to region.

Storage Area

Above this area you will need to install a shed. You must keep the phosphate rock well in the stockpiling area because it cannot be wet later in the process. In addition, the area of this storage area is about 400 square meters, and you can adjust it according to your requirements.

Storage Area for phosphate

Processing Area(Grinding and Acidification)

In the raw material processing area, you need to have a manure shredder and Raymond milling system. Because these two pieces of equipment pretreat the phosphate rock to facilitate subsequent acidification and granulation. Then these phosphate rocks in the acidification plant, you will feed the phosphate rock powder into the double shafts horizontal mixer through the screw feeder.

And there is also a stainless steel sulfuric acid storage tank above the mixer. Sulfuric acid flows out from inside and is fully mixed with phosphate rock powder in the mixer. After that it is sent to the acidification neutralization tank through the screw conveyor.

Aging Area

The area of the secondary aging area is about 400-500 square meters. Here, the acidified phosphorus material is subjected to aging treatment. So you need to reserve enough space for aging materials.

Aging Area

Granulation Area

In the granulation area, you can equip disc pelletizer or double roller granulator according to your budget. Or if you don’t want to granulate, you can skip this step and pack it directly.

Fertilizer Production Projects for Making Powder and Granular Phosphate Fertilizer

In general, most phosphate fertilizer manufacturers prefer to prepare phosphate fertilizer into two forms. Powdery and granular. So in order to meet the different requirements of our customers, we especially design powdery phosphate fertilizer making line and granular phosphate fertilizer production line separately.

Powdery Phosphate Fertilizer Making System Design

Powdery phosphate fertilizer manufacturing line is a simple process to make phosphate rocks into fertilizer. So only needs a few fertilizer machines, it can help you finish phosphate fertilizer making. Including vertical crusher, Raymond milling system, double shafts horizontal mixer, stainless steel sulfuric acid storage tank, loader type feeder, crusher, powder screening machine, batching machine, mixer, packaging machine and belt conveyor.

Granular Phosphate Fertilizer Production Project Technology

When you want to further process phosphate fertilizer,you can choose to turn powder phosphate fertilizer into granules. Then because of more complicated process, it needs more phosphate fertilizer machines. Generally, a complete granular phosphate fertilizer preparation line contains loader type feeder, crusher, powder screening machine, batching machine, mixer, granulator, pellet screening equipment, dryer, cooler, coating machine, packaging machine, dust collector and belt conveyor. Removing the material’s treatment. You can choose them to design your own plan for phosphate fertilizer production project according to your needs.

Which Method is Suitable for you to Choose for your Phosphate Fertilizer Production?

If you want to operate phosphate fertilizer granulation plant, there are something you should know about the phosphate fertilizer making process. Here we provide you two methods for your phosphate fertilizer granular production: wet and dry granulation process.

Wet Granulation Processing for Phosphate Fertilizer Production

Using wet granulation processing technology for phosphate fertilizer production, it is suitable for you add water or vapor into phosphate fertilizer powders during the granulation process. This processing technology is a main method for compound fertilizer manufacturing. Meanwhile, for your different processing requirements, we provide pan granulation and rotary drum granulation machine for processing phosphate compound fertilizer.

Dry Extrusion Phosphate Fertilizer Processing

Another phosphate fertilizer production process is dry extrusion phosphate fertilizer producing. It takes advantages of extrusion force for pressing dry phosphate fertilizer powders into pellets. If you use this method for making phosphate fertilizer granules, you do not add binders or liquid for improve the adhesive force. Moreover, it can reduce consumption of dry process, which saves your budget. For you information, it is suitable for you to process the powders, whose moisture content is under 5%.

How to Deal with the Exhaust Gas in the Phosphate Fertilizer Production Process?

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