We have a special plan for the capacity of 40 mt per hour NPK granulation production line. There are two options: one is 14:14:14 fertilizer blending production line,the other one is 46:0:0 granular fertilizer making plant. You can choose the plan that suits you according to your needs.


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2 Kinds of Proportion 40MT/H NPK Fertilizer in the Production Line for Your Choice

Two different ratios of NPK fertilizers can be produced in various forms, such as bulk blending fertilizer or granular fertilizer. Below our professional fertilizer equipment production engineers will introduce the process of producing these two ratio fertilizers respectively.

How to Prepare 40MT/H 14:14:14 Fertilizer in Your Blending Production Plant?

Efficient Feeding and Precise Batching for NPK 14:14:14 Granules Production

The feeding machine can transport both fine materials with size less than 5mm and large materials with size more than 1 cm . And this automatic batching equipment has an electric control box, which can precisely control the ratio. You can feed 40t materials in the feeding machine with 1:1. Then through the precise ratio of the electric control box, you can deploy 14:14:14 NPK fertilizer.

batching machine for NPK fertilizer
mixer for bb fertilizer production plant
Equip a 5-10t per hour BB Mixer for Your 40t NPK Blending Plant

Stir different proportions of fertilizers through a BB fertilizer mixer to fully blend them. This mixer solves the influence on system caused by material properties, mechanical vibration, air pressure etc. So it can help you mix fertilizer evenly. Then this machine’s capacity is 5-10t/h. You can configure 4 sets to get 40mt/h capacity.

Granular Package System to Make NPK 14:14:14 Fertilizer

After mixing, you can directly pack the fertilizer. Furthermore, this package machine can bag 50kg fertilizer/pack. You can at least configure 4 sets of machines.


The NPK fertilizer produced through the above steps and equipment can promote root growth and protects it from drying (adjusts the amount of water vapor, helps in CO2 and oxygen circulation).

How to Make 40MT/H Powder Fertilizer into 46:0:0 Granular Fertilizer?

46 0 0 fertilizer
Why Fertilizer Manufacturers Prefer to Produce NPK 46:0:0?

46:0:0 Fertilizer is a urea fertilizer, a simple single-element fertilizer that provides the main necessary ingredient nitrogen in ammonic form (NH4+). One of the two forms of nitrogen plants can take the positively charged, non-volatile ammonium ion (NH4+), the other being nitrate (NO3–).

Configure 4 Sets of 5-8t/h Crusher for Making 46:0:0 Granular Fertilizer

The manure crusher can effectively help you dispose of bulk materials and improve the production efficiency of the entire production line. Because the 46:0:0 fertilizer is urea fertilizer, it is recommended to use a urea grinder here. And this model–SXNS-80’s capacity is 5-8t/h. In general, you can configure 4 sets of this machines according to the 40mt/h capacity.

urea crusher
automatic batching machine for NPK fertilizer
Dynamic Automatic Batching System to 40MTPH Fertilizer

How to carry out high-precision batching? In order to realize this idea, the error of the batching machine we designed is 0.2%. So it can help you produce 46:0:0NPK fertilizer.(Total Nitrogen (N) – 46%,Available Phosphate (P2O5) – 0% and Soluble Potash (K20) – 0%)

40MTPH NPK Fertilizer Granulation Machine

How to choose a suitable granulator after batching? What kind can you use? Here we recommend the combination of drum granulator and disc granulation. Because your capacity is 40MTPH, the maximum output of the drum granulator can reach 15-30t/h. The maximum capacity of the disc granulator can reach 4-6 t/h. So the two-in-one production line is very suitable for you to produce NPK granular fertilizer with 40MTPH capacity.

Drying&Cooling the 46:0:0 Granular Fertilizer

Since the above-mentioned granulation is drum-disc two-in-one granulation, it belongs to wet granulation. The water content will be increased to 45%-50% before granulation. The bagging of granular fertilizer requires a moisture content of less than 25%. So only after drying and cooling, you can pack.

Package Process for Produce NPK Fertilizer

After drying&cooling, providing you a automatic bagging machine is necessary. Because of your 40MTPH NPK fertilizer, you pack them by manpower that make you spend more labor cost and decrease the efficiency. So this machine is suitable for you.

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