Chicken manure looks ordinary in daily life, but in fact it has great uses. It can turn waste into treasure for fertilizer manufacturers. Putting chicken manure into fertilizer production not only reduces the environmental pressure to a limited extent, but also improves the utilization rate of chicken manure. We can provide you with the whole chicken manure fertilizer production line and customize it according to your needs. The quality of the equipment is guaranteed. Please see my detailed introduction below.


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Technology for the manufacture of fertilizer from chicken manure

Chicken manure fertilizer is not as simple as going through the process on the making fertilizer production, and the process is the most important. It is related to the effect of the final fertilizer product.

Judging from the above, our company’s equipment is very mature, so you are welcome to buy it.

Different scales of production line with different equipment

Small-scale Chicken Manure Production Line

Generally, the output of small-scale production lines is 1-3 tons, so you can equip with the equipment accordingly. In the composting stage, you can use the groove type compost machine. It has low cost and high turning efficiency. The granulation equipment can choose our company’s disc granulator, the output is small and the cost is low. And the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. In addition, you can arrange other auxiliary equipment according to your needs.

Large-scale Chicken Manure Production Line

The output of large-scale production line is 18-20 tons. Therefore, if your composting site is large and the funds are sufficient, it is recommended that you buy our company’s wheel-type turning machine. Because it has a large output and automatic feeding and discharging. The granulation equipment can choose a rotary drum granulation machine, which has a large output and the rubber lining is not easy to corrode. This kind of wet granulation needs to buy a dryer.

Based on the above two production lines, choose the chicken manure production line that suits you, and we are waiting for your reply.

How to make fertilizer more efficient in you chicken manure fertilizer production line?

If you want to make fertilizer more efficiently in your chicken manure production line, then you must do the preliminary work well – composting and fermentation.


First you need to put the chicken manure on the composting site for turning. Because if your budget is sufficient and the site is large, you can use a wheel turning machine, a crawler turning machine and a chain plate turning machine, with large output and automatic feeding and discharging. In addition, if your budget has a limit, the groove type compost turner machine is very suitable for you, economical and circular fermentation.


After simple turning over, you can ferment, and use an organic fertilizer fermentation tank. It can reach 50-60% moisture in 7 days, heat up quickly, and rot quickly. The cycle is about 15-20 days.  In addition, the fermentation is successful only when the fertilizer is wet but not dripping. Because the fertilizer will not heat up if it is too dry or too wet, the control of water is particularly important. Because our company’s organic fertilizer fermentation tank can do this very well, ensuring the fermentation efficiency and quality of fertilizer.

organic fertilizer tank for chicken fertilizer production plant

Chicken manure for disposal and recycling in your plant

Chicken manure may be just animal manure to us, but if you use it effectively, it can exert huge energy. In your production line, it is like the protagonist.

  • First, chicken manure in its raw state is processed, composted and fermented. Let the chicken manure quickly decompose and meet the fertilizer making standard.

  • Secondly,you need to crush the bulk materials and screen to select materials suitable for fertilizer making.

  • Then, if you make it into powder fertilizer according to your requirements, you can package directly. If you want granular fertilizer, you can granulate fertilizer, dry and cool it before packaging.

This set of processes is a complete chicken manure production line, which maximizes the use of chicken manure. You can realize the win-win situation of cost and environment.

What are the benefits of using chicken manure to make fertilizer?

chicken manure fertilizer production line

It can provide various nutrients needed by crops in different growth periods. Reasonable use of chicken manure organic fertilizer can adjust the physiological functions of crops, balance and promote vegetative growth, develop root systems of crops, increase yield, harvest in advance, and improve the ability of soil to sustain yield.

Chicken manure organic fertilizer can activate loose soil nutrients, improve soil permeability, promote crop root growth, and improve crop vitality and immunity.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metal elements and residual drugs in chicken manure enter water bodies and soil, causing drinking water and farmland pollution. If it is utilized and turned into fertilizer, the generation of this phenomenon will be greatly reduced.

How to save electricity cost in your chicken manure production line?

A large amount of gas is produced during the fermentation and decomposing stage of chicken manure, which can be converted into the required electricity after conversion. In this case, it not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also can effectively reduce costs. If your site is large and equipped with a lot of equipment, this method can save money to the greatest extent and ensure follow-up operations.