Nowadays, for agricultural waste and animal manure, farms always focus on their disposal. In this case, there is an ideal choice to turn them into organic fertilizer. In this way, you can not only dispose of agricultural waste and animal manure, but get more profits from them. But how to turn them into organic fertilizer? On 10th March 2023, a customer from Rwanda inquired about this. We recommend him to have an organic fertilizer production line. The following are the special details of this case.


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What Raw materials can the organic fertilizer production line process?

Raw materials for organic fertilizer production are selected according to the principle of adapting measures to local conditions and obtaining local materials. There are many types of suitable raw materials: agricultural waste, livestock and poultry manure, industrial waste and municipal sludge. About these materials, although they can all produce organic fertilizers, it is difficult to use them for production if the adaptability of the production line is not strong.

SX factory for organic fertilizer production line

But SX can solve this problem. The machines of organic fertilizer production line from SX are made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance and strong adaptability to raw materials. So when customer from Rwanda wants to convert agricultural waste (straws),poultry drops,cow manure,etc. into organic fertilizer, we recommend clients SX ’s organic fertilizer production line. It can process more raw materials.

What is the process of 2t/h organic fertilizer production line?

To help Rwanda customers make organic fertilizer , SX provide an organic fertilizer production line.

First of all, through the fermentation area, composting the materials to get to the great state. According to the capacity of 2t/h, we recommend SXCF-2500 groove type compost turner. The spans can be 2500mm and the height can be 800mm, which can meet Rwanda customer’s different needs.

groove type compost turner for organic fertilizer production line
vertical crusher for organic fertilizer

Then these raw materials’ size is different,in order to facilitate subsequent production, crushing them is essential. Agricultural waste and animal manure’s moisture is large, so we recommend Rwanda customer to buy vertical crusher. This machine has strong application for high moisture and is not easy to block, and the material discharging is smooth. What’s more, its capacity is 1-15t/h, so it suitable for crushing these materials.

After crushing them, mixing materials is also necessary. There are many raw materials for making organic fertilizer. In order to make the final fertilizer more nutritionally balanced, they must be fully stirred.

dic pelletizer for sale

Customer from Rwanda told us he wants to produce the ball granular fertilizer. So granulation is the most important process to make organic fertilizer. For the choice of granulation machine, we recommend him disc granulator to make. Because it occupies a small area, and the material used is stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode. Also, the price of this machine is very modest – $10,000. The finished granules size is 1-8mm. And it capacity is 1-6t/h, can also meet Rwanda customer’s needs.

Finally, packing the finished organic fertilizer. This step can help customer transport easily and convenient to sell the finished organic fertilizer. So we recommend Rwanda customer single bucket automatic packing scale. It is easy to install and have a small footprint.

How to get small ball granular organic fertilizer in the production line?

To Use A Disc Granulation Machine

Rwanda customer told us he wants to get smallest ball. So how to get fertilizer into the smallest ball? Of course to use a disc granulation machine to adjust. It can start with two things: moisture and the slope of the disk. From the perspective of moisture, adding the less water during the granulation process, the smaller the granules will roll. From the perspective of the inclination angle of the disk, the larger the inclination, the smaller the particles produced. For this, we recommend him to use this machine.

The above is the details of 2t/h organic fertilizer production with customers from Rwanda. In addition, apart from organic fertilizer production line, if you are interested in compound fertilizer production line,we can also provide you with the best fertilizer production project.

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