In the process of organic fertilizer making, most fertilizer manufacturers usually focus on composting machine and granulating equipment purchasing. But the production of high quality organic fertilizer is also inseparable from the help of other auxiliary equipment. Including dewatering machine, crusher, mixer, drying machine, screener etc. Using these organic fertilizer auxiliary machines, you can upgrade your organic waste into high quality fertilizer in an easier manner. And from the data of customer feedback, we can see that there are 3 types of auxiliary machines that are more popular with organic fertilizer suppliers.


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Manure Separator for Organic Material Moisture Reduction

In general, organic fertilizer is made of cow dung, chicken manure, sludge, biogas waste, etc. They usually are a mixture of liquid and solids and have a high moisture content. When the water content of the raw material is higher than 70%, the fermentation rate of organic fertilizer will be significantly reduced.

Then how to remove excessive moisture of it? Dewatering equipment will help you a lot. In SX, there are two kinds of manure dewatering equipment for your choice. Screw dewatering machine and inclined screen sold-liquid separator. If the solid content of material is higher than liquid, we recommend you choose screw dewatering machine. It can reduce the moisture content to 30%. But if not, inclined screen sold-liquid separator is more suitable for you.


  • 1. What is the highest feed moisture?

    The highest feed moisture: 80-90%.

  • 2. What method is used to send the raw materials to the dehydrator?

    Feed pumps, our machines include feed pumps.

  • 3. What is the maximum output of a single machine? /day/hour

    2-4m3/h (finished product after dehydration).

Manure Drying Machine for Organic Fertilizer Granules Production

As mentioned above, moisture content control throughout the whole organic fertilizer preparation line. And the international requirement of organic fertilizer moisture content is less than 14%. But in general, after granulating, the water content of your organic fertilizer is 20%-30%. Therefore, you need an equipment for excessive moisture removal.

What’s more, if you are worried about producing more dust, SX can also solve this problem. We have specialized dust collector for this. Cyclone dust collector and bag filter dust collector. Hence, they can better maintain production environment.

gas waste disposal for organic fertilizer production

Automatic Bagging Machine for Sale

The equipment for packaging is also on of the top 3 auxiliary machines used in organic fertilizer making in 2023. Packaging is the final step of organic fertilizer production. After bagging, the fertilizer is easy to transport, store and use. But manual packaging will take a lot of time, using professional machine can greatly shorten this time.

packaging organic fertilizer

In SX, there are various packing machines for your choice. They can meet the different requirements of fertilizer manufacturers. If you need a equipment for large scale organic fertilizer making, you can choose double bucket automatic packaging scale or ton bag packing equipment. But for small scale organic fertilizer plant, single bucket bagging machine is enough. In addition, we especially design different bagging machines for powder and granular fertilizer production. You can choose according to your needs.

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