Bio NPK fertilizer is an effective fertilizer, which contains various organic matter and microorganisms. It improves crop yields and soil quality. So many fertilizer manufacturers are investing in this fertilizer production project. Our Brazilian client is no exception. On 1st September 2023, he told us he wanted to have a bio NPK fertilizer plant, but lack of fertilizer machine. For this, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you some suitable bio NPK fertilizer machine and reasonable production solution.


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How to Dispose of Bio NPK Materials in Brazil?

The customer from Brazil wanted to know how to dispose of bio NPK materials. Because improper handling of these materials will lead to the generation of harmful gases and impurities, pollute the production environment and affect the quality of the final fertilizer. For this, we introduced the bio NPK materials disposal process to him in detail.

Fermentation for Bio NPK Material

Turning raw materials piles to facilitate composting process to kill harmful  substances in fertilizer. For this, we recommend you use windrow composting turner with small capacity. If you have large capacity of material, in-vessel compost turner is the best choice for you. It has a fully enclosed environment with 102m3, and controlling the fermentation time at 10 hours, which can be fermented quickly. Then adding bio fertilizer or fermenting agent in the fermentation process to promote bio-decomposition.

load type feeder for bio npk fertilizer

Feeding the Bio NPK Material

Then you need to transport organic NPK waste to load type feeder. Which can feed bio NPK fertilizer material at the required speed and without blocking. You need one worker here.

semi-wet material grinder for bio npk material

Crushing Material with Bio NPK

Next, the most important step, crushing materials into fine powder bio NPK fertilizer. The finer the powder, the better the quality. But they have high moisture, so choosing semi-wet material shredder is an excellent option.

dust cover for bio npk powder sieve machine

Bio NPK Materials to Screening

In addition, screening also plays an important role in bio NPK fertilizer production. Rotary screener can remove waste, like stones, cigarette butt, etc from powder bio NPK fertilizer. So the purity of final fertilizer is improved.

What Equipment is Used in Bio NPK Granules Plant in Brazil?

Then after disposing of materials, we continue to introduce the equipment used in the production of granular bio NPK fertilizer to Brazilian customer.

Bio NPK Fertilizer Granulator

Because the customer from Brazil is not sure about his output, so we recommended him two granulators suitable for small output and large output for him to choose. Pan pelletizer or rotary drum granulator. The former has a granulation rate of 93% and can process 1-8 mm with a higher hardness and small scale. However, you need a more large capacity bio NPK fertilizer pelletizer, you can choose the latter. They both adopt wet granulation method, you can choose them according to your requirements.

What are the Benefits that SX Bio NPK Fertilizer Equipment Can Provide You?

Finally, we introduced the benefits to the crops of the bio NPK fertilizer produced by SX fertilizer equipment to our Brazilian customer.

Improve product quality and reduce harmful accumulation. Due to the dual effects of the live bacteria in the bio NPK fertilizer and the fertilizer-preserving synergist, it can promote the conversion of nitrate in crops and reduce the accumulation of nitrate in agricultural products. Compared with the application of chemical fertilizer, it can reduce the nitrate content in the product by 20- -30%, increase the VC content by 30- -40%, and increase the soluble sugar by 1-4 degrees. The product tastes good, keeps fresh for a long time, and is resistant to storage.

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