There are three types of fertilizer equipment that are more popular in the fertilizer production project: double-roller granulator, fertilizer bagging equipment and manure separator. Their role in the fertilizer production line is very important, which includes three process of dehydration, granulation and packaging. Below our fertilizer machine engineers will introduce them in detail.

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Using Manure Separator Before Composting in Your Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Organic fertilizer usually has a high moisture of 70%-90%. But for composting, the moisture of materials only need to be 45%-65%. Turning and throwing is to make the material meet the granulation requirements. Excessive moisture will affect the materials’ aerobic fermentation. Thus affecting the subsequent granulation. There is a practical and effective method for you. You can use manure separator directly, which can reduce the water content of materials to 30%-40%. Hence, manure separator for composting to you is the best choice in the organic fertilizer project.

Meet Bagging Requirements for Solid-liquid Separator to Make Fertilizer

During the granulation process, the moisture content of the material will be increased to 45%-50%. However, after granulation, the bagging of granules requires a moisture content of less than 25%. At this point you need to dry and cool. If you want to transport more conveniently and lightly, and meet the requirements of granule bags, you can configure another dehydrator. Reduce the particle moisture to around 15%. Thus it is also very popular with fertilizer manufacturers.

Produce Powder Fertilizer to Bagging Machines in Your Fertilizer Project

After composting, loader type feeding, crushing and mixing, you can make powder fertilizer. After production, in order to facilitate transportation and sales, you need to pack it. The capacity of this bagging machine is 25-50kgs/bag, and you can configure it reasonably according to your output. If you want to improve packaging efficiency, you can buy a double-bucket automatic packaging machine. It has two packaging ports, and the quantitative accuracy of the system is two thousandths. This packaging machine is an essential equipment in your production line.

Budget for Buying Bagging Machines to Make Granular Fertilizer

Packaging Machine

Packaging is essential as the last step in the production of granular fertilizers. But how to buy a packaging machine at the right price? You can consider SX. SX has affordable fertilizer equipment to meet your needs. The price of the packaging machine here is between 2,000-6,000 US dollars, and it is divided into single bucket and double bucket. Hence, you can choose according to your needs.

Automatic Palletizer

In addition, if your budget is sufficient, you can also equip an automatic palletizer. The price of this equipment is $15,000.00/set. It can automatically organize the packaged fertilizer for you, which is convenient for you to load and transport.

Automatic Palletizer

Double-roller Extrusion Granulator to Make Dry Fertilizer in You Fertilizer Production Project

Roller granulation belongs to dry granulation, and the production process is relatively simple. After the preliminary composting, crushing and stirring, you can use the double-roller granulator to granulate. No subsequent drying and cooling is required. So using this equipment to granulate can reduce your budget and improve production efficiency.

Benefits to Use Double-roller Press Granulator for Process of Producing Granular Fertilizer

Adjustable Granular Size

Because the double-roll extrusion granulator relies on roller skin extrusion to granulate in the process of producing granular fertilizer. So, if you want to change the size of the granular fertilizer, you must start with the roller skin. You can customize the size of the roller skin according to your needs, so that you can produce the particle size you need.

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