The production process of the 5t per hour organic fertilizer production line is roughly the same as that of the ordinary organic fertilizer production line, but the details are different.  These details affect the effect of the entire production line and customer satisfaction.  Next, I will introduce it from multiple perspectives such as the site, equipment, and cost of the production line.

pan granulator and drum granulator produce 5t per hour organic fertilizer production plant

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How to make organic fertilizer at 5t/h?

  • The production of organic fertilizer still starts from your composting materials. You can ferment and decompose them in the fermentation area. So that heating up the materials quickly.

  • You can put the fermented material into the fertilizer pulverizer for pulverization by a forklift.

  • After crushing, you need to screen out those materials that cannot be crushed.

  • Then you can stirr and granulate it. The production process of organic fertilizer belongs to generally wet granulation, so the fertilizer has a lot of water, and youneed to dry and cool the fertilizer for packaging later.

  • After that, you cansieve again to select the particles with qualified size. The unqualified granules are returned to the granulator through the belt conveyor for re-granulation.

  • Finally, youcan directly packaging.

5t organic fertilizer production line set up plan

Some customers have space to buy production lines, and some customers do not have space. Our company will help customers solve site problems according to different situations.

Matters needing attention to 5t/h organic production line about fermentation

The fermentation process in the early stage of the organic fertilizer production line is very important. This process determines the fertilizer efficiency of the fertilizer in the later stage, so you need to pay attention to some details.

You can adjust the fermentation area and finished product storage area according to the size of your site.

The fermentation area can choose whether to keep it according to the needs of customers. Some customers who want to make feed can also use our company’s production line. In this case, the fermentation process will be skipped. And you can carry out the dehydration, drying and granulation directly.

The initial moisture of fermentation is 60%, and the temperature is less than 70 degrees. But it will heat up during the composting process, and the water will evaporate. Only when the moisture reaches 25% and the temperature remains stable and does not change, can the fermentation be successful. That is to hold the fertilizer to ooze water but not drip.In this stage,you can make perfect fertilizer.

The fermentation period is generally 20 days. According to changes in the external environment and temperature, the fermentation time is fast in summer and slow in winter.Therefore, you can adjust the frequency of making fertilizer.

compost process for 5tph organic fertilizer plant

Budget of 5t organic fertilizer plant

The overall budget for the production line is $150000-200000. But there are many other costs that customers are concerned about.


Such as labor costs. If you have a groove type composting machine for turning over, which requires one person to drive. Forklift feeding may require one person to drive. Packing requires 2-3 people, because both sewing and palletizing require hands.Therefore,customers need to concern about labor costs.There is also the cost of renting a house, electricity consumption and heat source consumption based on the size of the plant.


In addition, customers also concern the income of the fertilizer produced . Granular fertilizer sells 150-200 US dollars per ton, and powdered fertilizer sells 100-150 US dollars per ton.

The budget starts from a comprehensive perspective, so that customers can better maximize the role of the production line.

Heat source consumption for making 5t/h organic fertilizer production

Customers generally have two options for the drying process: self-built and purchased equipment.

Wearing parts’ replacement for 5t/h organic fertilizer production process

You need to replace the wearing parts in the 5t per hour organic fertilizer production line in time. If you are not replace, it will not only reduce your production efficiency, but also damage the equipment and reduce your service life over time.

  • The turning teeth of the groove type turning machine:The stirring teeth need to be replaced periodically. Because it will affect your flipping efficiency and flipping quality. It also plays a key role in your later fertilizer production.

  • The chain and blade of the crusher:The blades of fertilizer shredders also need to be replaced regularly. The blade will lose its sharpness over time. It will not be thorough in the process of crushing materials, which will increase your return frequency.

  • The screen of the screening machine: The screen should also be replaced regularly. The step of sieving the finished product after granulation in the later stage is very critical. Frequent replacement of the screen will make your sieving machine screen more accurately, and finally your satisfaction with the finished product will be higher.

These wearing parts can maintain a service life of 6-8 months, and you need to replace every six months to effectively ensure your efficiency of fertilizer production.

How can I adjust granular sizes if I want to make 5t/h organic fertilizer using your plant?

Particle size is important to the expression of the final product. In order to better adjust the particle size, you can equip a fertilizer screening machine after granulation. You can customize the screen mesh of the fertilizer sieving machine according to the particle size you want, and screen the particles that meet your requirements after granulation. Others can be re-granulated and re-sieved so that you end up with your desired particle size.