The agriculture development plays an important role in Lebanon. But how to improve the quality of crops to make more profits? Putting some organic fertilizer in your crops is the excellent choice for you. Because organic fertilizer have more organic matter, which contains nutrients needed by crops. However, how to make high quality organic fertilizer? You can convert animal waste into them. In this process, composting is necessary. But in natural conditions, manure composting will take a long time. So on 4th March 2023, a customer from Lebanon inquired about 3 tons per hour composting system. The following are the specific details of our communication in this case.


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How Do you Test the Success of Cow Dung and Chicken Manure Composting?

The main requirement of this Lebanese customer is making cow dung and chicken manure into compost in a short time. So it is very important to learn to judge whether the cow dung and chicken manure composting is successful. In this way, you will not waste time during the composting process and improve the composting efficiency. Hence, temperature and odor are the keys for your attention.


Because organic matter decomposition will generate a large amount heat, cow dung and chicken manure composting is an temperature rising process. As long as the cattle waste and chicken poop are not fully decomposed, the temperature will continue to rise. Adversely, when the raw material temperature won’t rise up again, you have finished the manufacturing of cattle manure and chicken waste compost fertilizer.


Another way to test the success of cow dung and chicken manure composting is to conduct an odor test. The reason why cow manure has a smelly odor is that it contains many hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. But composting can effective composting should minimize these elements. So conducting an odor test can help you determine whether the composting process was successful and whether any adjustments need to be made.

What Equipment is Suitable for 3T/H Composting System with Less Affected by Seasons?

From the above introduction, we know that temperature and odor are the keys in the success of cow dung and chicken manure composting. But what equipment can help you start 3 tons per hours composting all over the year? You need to consider your conditions. For example, customer from Lebanon wanted produce 3 tons per hour composting manure all over the year. We recommended him to choose the in-vessel composter. The reason is as follows:

It creates a closed environment for cow dung and chicken manure composting. In this way, the temperature of the material will rise quickly. And it can greatly reduce the influences from the outside world, such as season, cold, weather, etc. So you can produce all over the year. Generally, only needs 10 hours, it can finish the harmless process of dairy manure. In addition, composting a batch of organic waste will take about 20 days. So using in-vessel fermentation machine, you can produce 4-5 tons of compost from cow dung and chicken manure a day. Therefore, it is suitable for small scale fertilizer composting. Then after temperature falling and aging, you can further prepare cow manure and chicken manure into organic fertilizer.

How to Further Make Compost into 3 T/H Organic Fertilizer?

Finally, after composting, how to make more profits from the composting manure? You can further process compost into organic fertilizer. For example, the Lebanese customer wanted to have a 3 tons per hour composting line system. In general, you can choose to make compost into two forms of organic fertilizer. Powder organic fertilizer or organic fertilizer granule. For this, we can provide professional organic fertilizer manufacturing plans.

Powder Organic Fertilizer Making Plan

When you want to make compost into organic fertilizer in a simple way. It is an ideal choice to process compost into powder organic fertilizer. Only needs loader type feeder, crusher, powder screening machine, powder packaging equipment and belt conveyor, you can process compost into quality powdery organic fertilizer. It also has characteristics of low investment, less space occupation, easy operation, etc. So it is the most cost-effective organic fertilizer making line in the market.

powder fertilizer making plant for organic fertilizer
Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Line

For those who want to further improve the quality of organic fertilizer produced from compost, we also design granular organic fertilizer production line. Compared to powder composting organic fertilizer making, it has a more complicated process. Besides, composting machine, it also needs batching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, screener, dryer, cooler, coating equipment, granule bagging machine and belt conveyor.

They can help you turn compost into quality granular organic fertilizer, which has a higher competitiveness in the market. Because granule fertilizer is more convenient to transport, store and use. Therefore, this fertilizer manufacturing system can help you make profits in a shorter time, even less than one year.

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