Using manure separator for sale is an important procedure in the process of making fertilizer.It can separate the raw manure and water of livestock manure into liquid fertilizer and solid fertilizer.If you can have your own manure separator,you may get more drying manure to sell or storing according to yourselves.Furthermore,we can provide you high qualified equipment at affordable price.It’s time for you to have a try on manure separators.


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How does a Manure Separator Work?

In order to get better solid and liquid fertilizer,we need to understand the working principle of the manure separators firstly so that we can carry out the follow-up operation.Therefore,manure separator is mainly composed of feed pump, pipeline, extrusion host, motor, reducer, electronic control and so on.

Its working principle is to use a special submerged pump to pump the manure water into the main machine of the separator. In addition, squeezing and separating the solid manure through the spiral shaft in the main machine. After that, the liquid is discharged through the screen below and enters the biogas tank behind through the pipeline.

Types of Manure Separator for Sale in Our Factory

In our factory,we have kinds of manure separators you want.The one is screw press dewatering machine,the other one is inclined screen dewatering machine.They also have different models that you can consult.

Screw press dewatering machine for sale

Inclined screen dewatering machine for sale

Based on the above data, you can choose the equipment suitable for your site according to your own needs. Furthermore, the corresponding price will vary. In addition, our company has equipment patent certificate, professional degree is guaranteed.

How to get dry fertilizer after manure separation?

manure separator for drying

Generally, the water content of the manure is more than 50%, and about 30% after dewatering. However, if the moisture content of the fertilizer is too high, you will be difficult to granulate. And it will be inconvenient to pack in the end.What’s more, you can consider drying fertilizer. Then you need a manure dryer machine to  carry out the following operations. After that, adjusting the heat in the dryer to reach the final required fertilizer water content.

What services can we provide to you when buying manure separator from us?

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    Buying a manure separator for sale in our company can meet the needs of customers.You can customize the details according to your needs.

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    If you don’t know how to install, we have workers to arrange to do it,explain the use method and test the machine.

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    In the use process,when you have a bad experience,we can also provide after-sales service to help solve it, and consult at ordinary times.

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    Of course, in order to ensure the service life of the manure separator for sale,you need to inform the daily maintenance and service work in detail, which can enhance the service life of the equipment.

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    And our company has some unscheduled promotional activities,you will be a lot of benefits.