Using manure separator for sale is an important procedure in the process of making fertilizer. It can separate the raw manure and water of livestock manure into liquid fertilizer and solid fertilizer. If you can have your own manure separator, you may get more drying manure to sell or storing according to yourselves. Furthermore,we can provide you high qualified equipment at affordable price. It’s time for you to have a try on manure separators.


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What Kind of Material Can Manure Separator Manufacturing?

For organic fertilizer making, there are various materials for your choice. For animal manure, you can use chicken manure, cow dung, etc. Can manure dewatering machine process all of them? Of course. We can provide you with the most suitable manure separator according to your material.

Chicken Manure Solid Liquid Separator

For removing excessive water form chicken manure, we can provide you with SXTS-180 screw dewatering machine. On the one hand, it has a stainless steel screen with 0.3-0.5 mm holes, which makes its separation rate reach 95%. This is greatly beneficial for preventing nutrient loss. On the other hand, this manure can produce 10-15 m³of dehydrated manure per hour, which can fully meet your need for chicken poop disposal.

In general, a cow will generate 30 kg of manure a day, which is higher than other animals. So when you want to dispose of cow dung into organic fertilizer, you need to buy a manure dehydrator with a large capacity. For this, we can provide you with SXTSX-1200 inclined screen solid-liquid separator. Because when your cattle waste has a water content of over 90%,this machine is the best choice for you. And its output can reach 30-40 m³/h.

inclined screen separator

How does a Manure Separator Work to Remove Excessive Moisture?

In order to better achieve the dehydration effect, you need to know how does the separator to remove excessive moisture. Then you can carry out the follow-up operation and use it in your production line effectively.

Therefore, manure separator is mainly composed of feed pump, pipeline, extrusion host, motor, reducer, electronic control and so on. This machine uses a special submerged pump to pump the manure water into the main machine of the separator. And it squeezes and separates the solid manure through the spiral shaft in the main machine. The liquid is discharged through the screen below and enters the biogas tank behind through the pipeline.

Which Type of  Manure Separator Equipment Do you Want to Choose in our Factory?

In our factory, there are two  types of manure separators for your choices. The one is screw press dewatering machine, the other one is inclined screen separator. The two machines have different dewatering process and models.

Screw Press Dewatering Machine for Sale













Inclined Screen Separator for Sale













Based on the above data, you can choose the equipment suitable for your site according to your own needs. Furthermore, the corresponding price will vary. In addition, our company has equipment patent certificate, professional degree is guaranteed.

What is the cost of manure dewatering machine?

When you choose SX manure dewatering machine, you need to purchase it for $3,200-$5,250. Why do you need this price to get manure separator? There are some factors for your reference.

The larger the capacity, the higher the price. The price of a solid liquid separator can dispose of 10-20 m³/h manure. And the inclined screen dewatering machine can produce 15-40 m³of dehydrated manure per hour. For this, the extensive range ensures that whether you have small scale demands or require substantial throughput, we have the ideal solution to meet your unique requirements. And you can provide us with your raw material and output needs, welcome to inquire.

The frame, sieve and other important parts are made of stainless steel and after anticorrosive treatment. In particular, we use 304 stainless steel for parts that can be contacted with materials. So, it has good corrosion resistance and enough strength for long service life.

SX dewatering machine has the strong ability of decontamination, and noblockage, easy to clean. The removal rate of solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen and phosphorus in treated feces and urine mixture can be between 70-95%.

manure separationdetails of manure separator

How to get drying fertilizer after manure separation?

Generally, the moisture content of manure is more than 50%, and about 30% after dewatering. However, if the moisture content of manure is too high, you will be difficult to granulate.
What’s more, it is inconvenient to pack and storage in the end. Therefore, you can consider drying fertilizer. Because it can help remove excessive moisture from manure and get the suitable state to make organic fertilizer. But in the process of drying fertilizer, it can produce some exhausted gas. For this, we design the dust collector to protect your production environment.

Top manure separator manufacturer

SX is one of the top manure separator suppliers. We have helped hundreds of clients with their animal waste management projects. So what service can we offer for you?

Value-added Products

The separated solid and liquid fractions can be used as valuable resources for composting, fertilizer production, biogas production, or bedding material.

What is the benefit of manure separation?

Odor Reduction

Solid liquid separation of manure can help reduce the odor of liquid manure by separating solids that contribute to odor generation.

Storage Efficiency

Separated manure has a reduced volume, making storage and transport more efficient and cost-effective.

Environmental Protection

Separation and proper manure management can help reduce the environmental impact of nutrient runoff, air pollution and groundwater contamination.

After manure separation, you can use disposed manure for organic fertilizer production. We can offer some suitable compost turners and some organic fertilizer making machines for you. Welcome to contact us!


  • 1. How much moisture is there after manure dehydration? What to do next?

    After dewatering, the moisture is about 30%. And If you want to make the organic fertilizer, the solid manure need to fermentation. In addition, during the fermentation part, you also need to add some fermentation strain, which can improve fertilizer efficiency.

  • 2. How many days does the manure need for fermentation process?

    In general, the open type fermentation need 20-25 days.

  • 3. What is the highest feed moisture?

    The highest feed moisture: 80-90%.

  • 4. What method is used to send the raw materials to the dehydrator?

    Feed pumps, our machines include feed pumps.

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