With the increase in the consumption of granular fertilizers in the world, different manufacturers have started producing granulators of different designs. So that people can produce different designs of granular fertilizers for different purposes. These equipment can be composted of a fertilizer production plant. The flat die pellet mill is good ideal machine.It is good at press different kind of animal waste into fertilizer pellets.

Because of its advantages–smooth operation and low cost,ect, the majority of fertilizer manufacturers favor it. What are the benefits of a production line composed of a flat die pelleting machine? If you want to know, please read below.


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Process of flat die pelleting production line

Flat die granulation is different from other granulation equipment, so the production process of flat die granulation line is also unique. Let me briefly introduce it below.

Raw material for flat die granulation plant

There are also many raw materials used in the flat die granulation production line. For example tobacco powder, tea powder, coal powder, silicon-calcium fertilizer, charcoal, ore powder, sodium sulfate, etc. These raw materials are very suitable for this production line. And it can also  find that the adaptability of the flat die granulation production line is extremely high.This production line is especially suitable for small chicken farmers and manure treatment in pig farms. The cost of using chicken manure and pig manure as raw materials is low. And it is also convenient to obtain materials.

From the above point of view, the flat die granulation production line can not only produce organic fertilizer, but also produce compound fertilizer. So you deserve such a production line.

4 reasons to buy flat die pelleting production line

If you want to buy a production line, you will definitely pay attention to all aspects of it before deciding whether to buy it. Let me introduce it to you.

flat die granulator production line

This production line has wide adaptability of raw materials, small footprint and low noise. Because you need less equipment than other production lines.

The flat die extrusion granulator can granulate powdery fertilizer without adding a little liquid. Therefore, the moisture content of granular fertilizer is basically the moisture content of the material before granulation. It is more conducive to storage.

The cost of using animal manure as a raw material is low but you can obtain higher economic benefits .

Fertilizer granules processed with dry materials have high hardness, smooth surface and internal ripening. It can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

6 highlights for making flat die pelleting production

The more distinctive the characteristics, the more it will meet the needs of customers.

Top 4 tips to service your flat die pelleting production line

Our company has a 20-year production history and a skilled production team. The core components are all self-produced, and the external processing rate is less than 3%.

We has a multi-person professional R&D team. It can customize one-to-one technical support according to specific working conditions and actual needs of customers.

The production base has various automatic processing equipment.It can enable us to produce more than 500 sets of complete machines and 10,000 tons of spare parts per year, with fast delivery.

Our company’s complete service system covers demand communication, contract signing, equipment delivery, on-site installation guidance and commissioning.It can save customers from worries.

manure bagging for flat die pelleting system

Flat die pelleting production technology

  • The advantage of the flat die granulation production line is that you can directly granulate without drying and crushing. From this point, it can be seen that the process of this production line belongs to dry granulation.

  • Not only does it save some steps in the early stage of granulation, but you can pack it directly after granulation. It reduces the energy-saving consumption that needs to be dried and cooled in the later stage.

  • The double-roll granulation production line belongs to extrusion granulation. The whole production process is low in cost and high in efficiency. It is very suitable for fertilizer manufacturers with low budget to choose.

  • However, the granular fertilizer produced by the flat die granulation production line is columnar, and the granular fertilizer produced by the roller granulation production line is spherical. It can be selected or changed later according to customer needs.