The crawler type compost turner belongs to the ground pile fermentation mode, which is the most economical mode of saving soil and human resources at present. You need to pile up the material into a stack. Then the material is stirred and crushed at regular intervals by the turning machine. And the decomposition of organic matter will be under aerobic conditions. Such a device is very suitable as a member of the production line and can bring huge benefits to the production line. Below I will introduce in detail the relevant content about the windrow compost system.


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How do you make fertilizer in your windrow compost system?

What is the role of crawler turner in your windrow compost system?

It is the fermentation of the ventilation method that is often said. This fermentation method belongs to aerobic fermentation. After a period of fermentation, the oxygen in the heap decreases and the fermentation speed slows down. The crawler compost turner can make the material ventilate in the compost.

Traditional fertilizer making requires manual turning every once in a while, and white smoke will come out. This white smoke is water vapor. Now using the crawler turner to turn the material can evaporate the water and take away the heat at the same time, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

The crawler turning machine can make the beneficial fermentation bacteria contact the fermentation material evenly and fully, and promote the fermentation process.

Manual turning requires 2 days of turning speed. However, using a crawler compost turner can complete the turnover in more than two hours, and the uniformity is much faster than manual operation.

crawler type compost machine for windrow compost system

Why is the crawler turning machine suitable for large production lines?

For customers with relatively large venues and sufficient funds, it is more suitable to choose a crawler-type compost turner. The driver sits on the compost turner and operates randomly, and the maneuverability is relatively strong. The compost turner adopts crawler type walking, which has a large contact area with the ground, and will not slip under wet and sticky conditions. The working speed adopts stepless speed regulation, and the equipment automatically adjusts the composting speed according to the looseness of the material pile.And the personnel only need to control the walking direction of the equipment,which can save worry and effort.

3 ways to reduce the failure probability of windrow compost system operation

Crawler composting machine VS ordinary compost turner in the production line

In order to have better fertilizer efficiency, you must pay attention to the fermentation and composting of fertilizer production. Only good turning equipment can achieve this effect.

Compared with the ordinary turning and throwing machine:our company’s crawler composting machine can make the material reach a good state of fertilizer making, and pave the way for subsequent fertilizer making.

Our company’s crawler turner can cross various obstacles, hillsides, field ridges, etc., and is not affected by road conditions. It has good grip and is nimble in steering. Walking will not slip, drift and so on. It responds to various harsh environments and better complete the work.

And there is no need to build a tank during use, just stack the fertilizer in long strips on the ground. Ground stacking fermentation is currently a fertilizer production mode that saves civil engineering and human resources.

Compared with our turning machines: ordinary turning machines have higher flexibility, can walk on their own without a trailer, and have lower investment than crawler turning machines. But road adaptability and work stability are relatively poor.

What kind of composting effect will our crawler turning machine have on your production line?

  • The crawler-type compost turner is a kind of large-scale compost turner. It has a fully hydraulic operating system, a lever-type steering wheel operation, and crawler-type walking.

  • The width of the compost turner can reach 3 meters and the height can reach 1.5 meters.

  • The crawler-type compost turner is a four-in-one multi-functional turner that integrates fermentation, stirring, crushing, and displacement into one machine.

  • The material in the pile is stirred, fluffed, and moved by the rotary knife shaft inside the throw.

  • The technology of the crawler turner is to integrate the crushing function of the material in the later stage.

  • As the material is gradually dehydrated and crushed, the crushing efficiency of the material is improved, the cost is reduced, and the problem that the production volume is restricted by the crushing machine is fundamentally solved.

  • Moreover, this device can greatly reduce the restrictions on road conditions for heavy-duty vehicles. Realize the harmless, resourceful and biological drying treatment of solid accumulation, so as to turn waste into treasure.