Rotary drum granulator is a machine which can turn granulate materials into specific shapes. It is suitable for large scale production of cold and hot granulation. What’s more,it is one of key facilities to make compound fertilizer. You can allocate other machines to form a complete compound fertilizer production line. In addition,we have many years of the fertilizer equipment production experience. Therefore, you can trust that we can provide you with quality rotary drum granulation machine at fair price.


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What is the Rotary Drum Granulation Machine Technology?

Drum granulator plays a vital role in the process of fertilizer granulation. It is suitable for cold and hot granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low-concentration compound fertilizers. Due to the wet granulation and large output, our equipment is very popular with owners of large fertilizer production plants. However,what are the attractive features of our rotary drum granulation machine? Then why are they favored by the majority of fertilizer manufacturers?Below, we will reveal the answer for you on the relevant content of the drum fertilizer granulator.

drum granulation machine

What Additives Can Be Used in Drum Granulation Fertilizer Manufacturing?

During the granulation process, in order to increase the viscosity of the granules, improve the granulation efficiency and agglomeration rate. You can add some binders  appropriately to improve the physical properties of the granules.

There are three types of these binders: inorganic (bentonite), natural organic (molasses, starch, fine powder of Konjac, etc.), synthetic organic (CMC, PVA, PAM). If you find it difficult to agglomerate the particles during the granulation process, you can add an binder appropriately. After drying, the solid cross-linking strength will be high, improving the viscosity of the granules. And your budget becomes low. Hence, it is an accelerator suitable for granulation.

How to Get the Suitable Size of Fertilizer Granules After Pelleting?

rotary sieve machine for qualified granules

When you produce granular fertilizer, the granules have different fineness and size. In order to meet your requirement and improve the aesthetics of final granules, you can use the rotary screening machine to choose the suitable granules according to your needs. The rotary sieve machine has three outlets, which are too large, too small and finished products. Finally, those substandard pellets will transport to the final step of fertilizer production through the belt conveyor.

How Does Rotary Drum Granulator Works?

Its working method belongs to wet granulation. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the raw materials are fully chemically reacted after the humidity is adjusted in the cylinder. Under certain liquid phase conditions, with the help of the rotation of the cylinder, the material particles generate extrusion force to agglomerate into balls.

Why should you choose the fertilizer rotary drum granulation machine?

There are many advantages of the drum granulator. You will not regret it if you choose this equipment under the premise that it is suitable for your production line.

drum granulator

First of all, its ball forming rate is up to 70%, there is a small amount of returned material. Furthermore, the returned material has a small particle size and you can re-granulate. In this way, you can reduce unnecessary costs and improve the granulation efficiency .

Secondly, steam heating can increase the temperature of the material. So that the moisture content of the material after forming into balls is low. It can improve the drying efficiency and save your time for subsequent work.

Then use rubber engineering plastics as the lining, the raw materials are not easy to stick to the cylinder. And it can play the role of anti-corrosion and heat preservation.

Finally, the output of this equipment is relatively large. But its power consumption and the maintenance cost are relatively low.

How to reduce the cost of granulation and avoid waste of raw materials?

Since the working principle of the drum granulator belongs to wet granulation, the wet raw materials are easy to stick to the inner wall of the drum. This greatly affects the granulation rate of the equipment. Although the lining is made of rubber to avoid a large amount of fertilizer from adhering to the equipment, we have designed multiple cleaning holes on the granulation drum to maximize cleaning efficiency. During the production of granular fertilizer, with the rotation of the drum, the hammer hits the holes by gravity, and vibration shake off the raw materials on the wall. In this way, you can avoid the problems of large waste of raw materials and low granulation rate effectively. And you can reduce the maintenance cost of the machine .

Auxiliary machines you can use with our drum granulator in production line

If you want the granulation to meet your expectations, then you cannot ignore some equipment on your drum granulation production line.

The rotary drum granulator belongs to the wet granulation method. During the granulation process, you can add water to assist the granulation, so that the water content of the granules reaches 45%-50%. If you want to sell better after granulation, then you need a packaging machine for packing.

However, after granulation, the bagging of granules requires a moisture content of less than 25%. At this time, you need a fertilizer dryer for drying.

After drying, the particle size and shape can be clearly seen. If the size is uneven and affects the appearance, you can equip with a screening machine to screen out the finished product and other particles with inconsistent sizes.

It is then pulverized and secondary granulated. Of course, a shredder is also essential.

The Guidance of Fertilizer Granulation Drum Installation Procedure

The right installation procedure is the prerequisite for the smooth and stable operation of our rotary drum granulating machine. Hence, just follow the step below after the arrival of our rotary granulator machine in your fertilizer making plant.

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