Rotary sieve machine is an important equipment of the fertilizer production process. Whether it is powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer, organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer is equally suitable. Because this equipment can help you produce more beautiful and high-quality fertilizers. So having this equipment is imperative. SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can provide you with high-quality rotary sieve machine suitable for you. If you need it, we can also customize it according to your needs.


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Why Do You Need To Sieve Before Composting the Raw Material?

When you make organic fertilizers, there are many types of raw materials you need. And there will be a lot of sundries in these raw materials. If you compost them  directly, it will affect the subsequent production efficiency. Therefore, screening before composting is the pretreatment of raw materials. Sieve out the unproducible materials and leave the materials that can be turned over. This will not only increase your production efficiency, but also help you produce high-quality fertilizer.

When Should You Use Rotary Sieve Machine In Fertilizer Making Process?

Sieving is the crucial process in the fertilizer production line. However, when should you use rotary sieve machine?

Sieving After the Crushing

When you have a powder fertilizer production line, after crushing the raw material, you can add a process of sieving. Rotary sieve machine can perform primary filtration for the crushed material. Sieving the powdered fertilizer in the size you need. The unqualified materials are returned to the pulverizer through the belt conveyor for re-crushing, and then screened again. This will help you produce high-quality fertilizer without wasting material.

Use Rotary Sieve Machine Before the Coating

Before you coat the pellets, you can equip a sieving machine. It can effectively save you time and avoid particles with unqualified coatings and waste of bacterial agents. And after granulation, sending these granules to dryer and cooler to reduce moisture and lower temperature. If you use a sieving machine, after this, you can sieve out the inconsistent size and send it back to the granulator for secondary granulation. Sending qualified particles to the next step of coating and packaging.

Why Does Customers Choose SX ’s Rotary Sieve Machine?

SX ‘s screening machine has many advantages, can overcome many difficulties of customers. And it helps customers produce high-quality fertilizer to the maximum extent.

Because this machine has a plate washing mechanism. During the screening process, regardless of the viscosity, humidity, and impurities of the material, the screen is not blocked by the relative movement between the screening device and the machine body. Thus improving the efficiency of screening equipment.

The entire screening cylinder can be sealed with a sealed isolation cover, completely eliminating the phenomenon of dust during the screening process.

According to research, the power required per hour for our factory’s rotary screening machine is very small, only half of that of other screening machines of the same capacity. With it, it will save you a lot of production.

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