Because the water soluble fertilizers have the high economic value, many fertilizer manufacturers prepare to start this business for making more benefits. But how to make water soluble fertilizer? The materials selection is the first step you should consider. Next, you need to choose what types of the water soluble fertilizer to make. The liquid or solid water soluble fertilizer. Finally, cost is also an item focusing on fertilizer manufacturers. Through the below, you will get more detailed information about it.


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What material can you process for water soluble fertilizer production?

If you want to produce different water soluble fertilizer, material selection is necessary. Because it can decide you making the kind of water soluble fertilizer.

What types of water soluble fertilizers can you make?

When you want to make water soluble fertilizer, there are two types of fertilizer for your choice. Liquid and solid. You can choose them according to your requirements.

Liquid fertilizer

Compared with traditional fertilizer, liquid water soluble fertilizer has inherent advantages. Because it dissolves quickly and is easier for plants to absorb nutrients than solid fertilizer. Moreover, you can flexibly adjust the production formula according to production needs. For this, it is an ideal choice for irrigation systems.

Solid fertilizer

If you prepare to produce solid water soluble fertilizer, it is convenient for you to store and transport them. And this type of water soluble fertilizer’s market is more popular in fertilizer production. So, making solid water soluble fertilizer is also a good choice.

How to manufacture liquid water soluble fertilizer?

If you want to make liquid water soluble fertilizer, the process is very simple. The details are as follows:

Raw material selection

When you prepare to produce liquid water soluble fertilizer, material selection is necessary. You can choose biogas liquid and waste water from livestock and poultry as materials to make organic liquid water soluble fertilizer. And for straight fertilizer and amino acid waste, you can produce compound liquid water soluble fertilizer.

Raw material process

For Organic Liquid Water Soluble Fertilizer Production

Because solids and liquids in organic raw materials are mixed together, solid-liquid separation is necessary to produce liquid organic water-soluble fertilizer.

Then you need to prepare a sedimentation tank and overflow tank to process organic materials in advance. Because there are many impurity substances like straw in the raw materials. After few days sedimentation, you can get the relatively clean stock solution.

In order to improve the purity the organic liquid material, filtering is necessary. For this, you can use a centrifugal pump to pump the organic liquid material in the filter tank.

Because organic material like animal urine contains harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli. Therefore, you need to use ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240nm-280nm for sterilization. In order to eliminate harmful bacteria, you have to sterilize twice.

Fermentation-What method is used in liquid organic water soluble fertilizer reaction?

Liquid organic water soluble fertilizer has different fermentation methods from traditional organic fertilizer. You can adopt the sealed anaerobic fermentation method. So SX specially designed ananaerobic fermentation tank for the liquid fertilizer anaerobic fermentation. And the main body of such a fermentation tank is composed of an inner tank, a heat conducting layer and an insulation layer, which can effectively ensure the effect of anaerobic fermentation. Furthermore, there is an automatic exhaust system on the fermentation tank, which can exhaust the carbon dioxide produced by anaerobic fermentation.

For Compound Liquid Water Soluble Fertilizer Making

compound water soluble fertilizer production line

As mentioned above, compound liquid water soluble fertilizer is a mixture of a variety of chemical materials with a certain proportion. If the proportion is changed, the final fertilizer will no longer be suitable for local farming conditions and even cause damage to it. But how to ensure that you can make water soluble fertilizer strictly according to the formula proportion? Using batching machine, which adopts an electrical weighting system and feeds different chemical materials in order instead of all at once. Therefore, it can feed required materials with high precision.

In order to fully mix the raw materials and achieve the best fertilizer effect, mixer is essential. For this, we especially design a professional mixer. It overcomes the mixtures chromatography and distributaries phenomena caused by different proportions of raw materials and particle size. Moreover, it also solves the influence of material properties, mechanical vibration, air pressure,etc. So it can help you blend various chemical materials evenly to ensure the nutrient balance of your compound liquid water soluble fertilizer.

Finally, packaging finished liquid water soluble fertilizer for easier transport, storage and use. SX can offer you automatic liquid filling machine, which has characteristics of precise quantitative system, automatic filling, covering, labeling, etc. So you can complete the liquid fertilizer packing in a short time. Here, we can customize machines according to your bottle capacity. Such as 1 liter, 5 liters or more.

Business plans for making powder and granular water soluble fertilizer

In general, most fertilizer manufacturers prefer to prepare water soluble fertilizer into two forms. Powdery and granular. So in order to meet the different requirements of our customers, we especially design powdery water soluble fertilizer making line and granular water soluble fertilizer production line separately.

Powdery water soluble fertilizer making system design

Powdery water soluble fertilizer manufacturing line is a simple process to make materials into fertilizer. So only needs a few fertilizer machines, it can help you finish water soluble fertilizer making. Including crusher, mixer, powder screener, powder packaging machine and belt conveyor.

powdery water soluble fertilizer making system

Granular water soluble fertilizer production project technology

When you want to further process water soluble fertilizer, you can choose to turn powder water soluble fertilizer into granules. Then because of more complicated process, it needs more water soluble fertilizer machines. Generally, a complete granular water soluble fertilizer preparation line contains batching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, screening equipment, dryer, cooler, coating machine, packaging machine,belt conveyor, dust collector. You can choose them to design your own plan for water soluble fertilizer production project according to your needs.

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