In order to supply nutrients to the growth of crops and plants more efficiently, bio fertilizer manufacturing is the best choice for you. On 27th June 2023, a customer from Portugal inquired about how to make bio fertilizer. This client planned to use animal manure and other plant based materials as raw materials. And the capacity is about 60-80 tons per hour. But he hesitated whether to produce bio fertilizer smoothly? For this, we recommended him various fertilizer machines,which can help him finish bio fertilizer production easily and quickly.


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What are the Commonly Used Microorganisms in Bio Fertilizer Making Plan?

The customer from Portugal wanted to know how to improve the nutrients for his crops with bio fertilizer. We recommended him to use microorganisms in the production of bio fertilizer. The use of microbial strains is the core of bio organic fertilizer preparation. In general, microorganisms are divided into two types: composting microbial inoculant and functional bacteria. And you need to add them in different stages:

Composting Microbial Inoculant for bio fertilizer in Portugal

Composting Microbial Inoculant

As the name suggests, composting microbial inoculant is widely used in bio fertilizer composting process. It is beneficial for facilitating manure composting and eliminating the odor of animal manure. And commonly, this microbial agent is a kind of complex bacteria. Including photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, penicillium, trichoderma, etc.

Functional Bacteria

But the functional bacteria is suitable to use after composting, because high temperature will kill it. It contains azotobacter, phosphobacteria, silicate bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, pseudomonas, actinomycetes, etc. They play different roles in bio fertilizer production. You can choose according to your needs.

bio fertilizer pellets production from portugal

What Do you Need to Do For Better Bio Fertilizer Composting?

In general, composting plays an important role in bio fertilizer production. Because it can eliminate harmful substances and unpleasant odors of manure. Then Portuguese client wanted to know how to start bio fertilizer fermentation better? Besides adding composting microbial inoculant, using a professional compost machine is your optimal option. It can turn materials regularly to supply oxygen and dissipate excessive heat. They are beneficial for better aerobic fermentation of bio fertilizer. There are two compost turners that are very popular with bio fertilizer suppliers now.

Wheel Type Compost Machine for Large Scale Bio Fertilizer Composting

When you want to buy equipment for large scale bio fertilizer composting, we recommend you choose our wheel type composter. Because it has a turning width of 10-30 m and a turning depth of 1-2 m. This makes it process more organic litter materials than other compost machines within a certain time. In addition, in order to help you finish bio fertilizer fermentation quickly, we especially equip it with an electrically automatic control system. So without worker operation, it can move automatically along the rails on the sides of fermentation groove to process bio fertilizer compost.

Windrow Compost Turner for Small Scale Bio Fertilizer Fermentation

Then if you want to make bio fertilizer compost fertilizer in a small scale, we also can offer you windrow compost turner. It can process compost piles of a width of 2.4-3 m and a height of 0.6-1.5 m. That is, it can help you process 500-1500㎡ of bio fertilizer per hour. In addition, it also has a characteristic of easy operation. Even a semi-skilled worker can drive to compost the large amounts of fertilizer windrows on the flat ground easily.

windrow compost machine for bio fertilizer in Portugal

How to Make Powder Bio Fertilizer into Granules in Portugal?

Finally, customer from Portugal has a large source of animal manure from a cattle ranch and 4 chicken farms. So his farms can produce 60-80 tons per hour animal manure. For this, he wanted to know what granulator is suitable for this capacity. We recommended him to choose the following organic fertilizer granulation machines. Rotary drum granulation machine.

bio fertilizer production line in Portugal

Rotary Drum Pelletizer for Large Scale Bio Fertilizer Particles Manufacturing

When it comes to large scale bio fertilizer granulation, we recommend you choose rotary drum pelletizer. Using it, you can even prepare 30 tons of bio fertilizer granules an hour. According to customer’s capacity, he can purchase two or three rotary drum granulators for his bio fertilizer production. Moreover, with designs of rubber lining, clean holes and lift plates, it can produce bio fertilizer with less sticking. That is, longer service, less material waste and higher granule making efficiency.

Is there a granulator for small scale bio fertilizer production?

Of course. Provided you need a small scale granulation machine for bio fertilizer processing, new type organic fertilizer granulator is an excellent choice for you. It has a capacity of 1-8 t/h, which can fully meet your requirements of small scale capacity. In addition, because it mainly relies on mechanical force of stirring teeth rotation to granulate bio fertilizer compost. The final bio fertilizer pellets have a higher hardness, which makes it more convenient for use.

new type granulator for making bio fertilizer in Portugal

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