Compost production machine is mainly used for helping you make a compost from fertilizer material. Therefore, compost turner machines can shorten your fermentation period. In addition, this equipment will create a better aerobic environment, making it fermented faster.For your compost production facility, there are different types of compost production machines for your plant we can provide. For details, please see the introduction below.


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Quick method to purchase a compost machine for outdoor use

Outdoor venues are generally large, which is more suitable for compost production machine with a large footprint. Therefore,the crawler turning machine and the moving turning machine are suitable for outdoor use. The crawler type compost turning machine needs to pile up the fertilizer into long strips first, and then turn it over. In addition, this equipment needs to drive manually. The moving type compost turner is more flexible, it can move toward, backward, turn around, and it can operate through one person. It is also necessary to pile up the fertilizer in long strips in advance.

How to produce compost quickly?

If you want to increase the speed of compost production machine, you can add fermentation bacteria to the fertilizer to accelerate the fermentation of fertilizer and promote compost turning. Machine for budget is sufficient and the site is open, you can add organic fermentation tanks  with short time and high output.Furthermore, automatic control throughout the process is convenient. In addition, no need for workers to operate. The most important thing is that it is non-polluting and can be treated innocuously.

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Compost production methods: Trench, Windrow,& In-vessel Composting

If you want to produce good fertilizers, you need good equipment, and behind good equipment is the support of new methods. Therefore, the technical aspects of composting equipment are worth exploring.

Machinery for compost making with expected cost

5 tips to plant design for compost production

To have a complete composting manure production line, the equipment must be complete.

  • In order to improve your composting efficiency, you can place a fermentation tank  before turning over the compost to improve the fermentation efficiency harmlessly.

  • Then you can choose the suitable compost production turning equipment according to your needs.

  • After turning over, there will be some large pieces of material and gravel, which requires a fertilizer crusher.

  • After crushing, if you want powdery fertilizer, you can pack it directly. If you need granular fertilizer, you can install a manure pellet machine. Dry and pack after granulation.

In addition, the choice of composting site is also required.The composting yard includes a raw material temporary storage area, a composting operation area and a product packaging storage area, ect.As far as the composting operation area need to concern, the amount and speed of raw material feeding, component content and moisture content all directly affect the size of the site demand.Therefore,you need to consider the choice of venue from many aspects.