The fermentation equipment is suitable for producing organic fertilizer. Through this equipment, you can turn pig manure , chicken manure and cattle manure into fertilizer. And these manure is from some farms. So why do some farmers choose this equipment? Because it only need 10 hours to complete the harmless treatment process, which has the advances of covering less space  (fermentation machine only covers an area of 10-30 square meters).

organic fertilizer production tank

In addition,the organic fertilizer fermentation tank can’t bring you pollution (sealed fermentation),completely killing the pest eggs  (which you can adjust to the high temperature of 80-110 ℃ ) . Therefore,  it is the best choice to realize the resource utilization of waste materials for quaculture enterpises,  circular agriculture, ecological agriculture.If you would like to know more details,you can consult us.


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How do you make compost with our fermenter?

There are four treatment procedure of the organic fertilizer fermentation tank. Firstly,automatically feeding.Then,you can make material get perfect stage through high-temperature fermentation. After that,material is discharged from your fermenter. Finally,you can put these fermented material into storage.

To help you load the organic materials into the fermenter. There are bucket elevators that you can install on the fermentation tank.It can improve your produce efficiency.

Agitator shafts are in our company’s fermenters. There are aeration holes on the stirring shaft. Agitate your material via the agitator shaft, plus aeration holes to deliver oxygen. Make your material fully exposed to oxygen and ferment more thoroughly. It can guarantee your fertilizer status very well.Our company will add aerobic bacteria to assist fermentation to effectively kill insect eggs, pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds in your materials. Let your fermentation process meet the standards of harmlessness and reduction.

After the fermentation is completed, the fermented material falls off downwards under the action of gravity. Finally, it is discharged at the discharge port. At this point your material is fermented.

Place your fermented material in the storage area for the next step of fertilizer making.

5 reasons for buying organic fertilizer fermentation tank

Turnkey Project solutions for powder fertilizer production with in-vessel compost machine

It is necessary to let the material reach a suitable state before making fertilizer, so the early fermentation is essential.

  • You can firstly use a fertilizer turning machine to break up and crush the materials.

  • Fermentation that you can carry out by using fermenters. After 7 days of aerobic fermentation, the temperature rises rapidly to reach the state of fertilizer production.

  • At this point you can start fattening. Use a fertilizer grinder to crush bulk materials.

  • Afterwards you can thoroughly stir the crushed material. If you want to improve the fertilizer efficiency, you can add bacteria agent during the mixing process.

  • After finishing the above process, you can pack. Then prepare for the follow-up work.

Ferment Organic Mixture in the Tank within 55-65% moisture

Before fermentation, you need to match the fertilizer to a certain proportion, so that the fermented fertilizer can have better fertilizer efficiency.Therefore, there must be a mixing link in the early stage.You need to add the following things:

  • Fermentation bacteria

  • 75% moisture content of feces or organic waste

  • 40% moisture content of the reflux material

  • 10% moisture content of the conditioning base

Fermentation Tanks for Poultry Farm

You can adjust moisture content, C: N, air permeability to achieve fermentation conditions. If the moisture content of the raw material is 55-65%, you can directly put into the tank for fermentation.

3 stages of fermentation in an organic fertilizer fermentation tank

During fermentation process your material goes through three stages:a rapid heating stage, a high temperature stage, and a cooling stage.

Elevation of temperature and oxygenation by ventilating accelerate the evaporation of moisture in the material. Through the deodorization system, the waste gas and water vapor discharge through the deodorizer after treatment, so as to reduce the volume of the material and achieve the purpose of reducing, stabilizing and harmless the material.

How does our company’s organic fertilizer fermentation tank achieve efficient composting?

  • The tank volume of the fermenter is large, and the volume used to store your organic materials is large.

  • It has a lifting material lifting system, which helps to feed materials through mechanical lifting, which improves your composting efficiency.

  • Utilize the aerobic fermentation process to fully supply the required oxygen in the tank and provide you a good fermentation environment.

  • The tank configures stirring blades, and the continuous stirring during the fermentation process makes your material ferment more evenly.

  • The hydraulic power system is adopted, and the transmission power is large, which makes your fermentation process more stable.

Use the deodorization system to absorb, spray and purify the waste gas and dust generated during the fermentation process to avoid environmental pollution.

The overall fermentation has a high degree of automation, using PLC computer automatic and manual methods to control and detect the fermentation process.

Adopt automatic discharge system to reduce your labor cost.

The fermentation period is generally 20 days. According to changes in the external environment and temperature, the fermentation time is fast in summer and slow in winter.Therefore, you can adjust the frequency of making fertilizer.

3organic fertilizer production tank

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