When you want to produce NPK fertilizer, there are two granulation method for your choice. They are granulation method and dry granulation method. You can use them to make powdery or granular NPK fertilizer. And SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can provide you with some various proportion of NPK compound fertilizer production lines. If you are interested in it, please contact us immediately.


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More NPK Fertilizer Making Solutions for your Choice

Except for the above two npk fertilizer production line, there are  some other npk fertilizer making plans with our past customers. Whether you want to make bulk blending or compound fertilizer, powder or granule, 17:17:17 or 20:10:10, they can fully meet your requirements. In addition, we can design fetilizer plant according to your actual conditions. Come to get your own fertlizer production project!

NPK Fertilizer Plant Cost

Cost plays an important role in NPK fertilizer plant setup. But it is not fixed and will change with capacity, design, equipment type, etc. Here are some information about NPK fertilizer plant cost for your reference. Including NPK compound fertilizer plant cost and NPK fertilizer granulator cost. As a reliable and leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX will provide you with a favourable price. If you have any requirements or get precise quote for your NPK fertilizer making machines, welcome to contact us immediately.

npk granulator

NPK Granulator Cost

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npk fertilizer manufacturing line cost

NPK Fertilizer Manufacturing Line Cost

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What Proportion of NPK Fertilizer Plant can SX Provide for you ?

SX can provide you with various proportions NPK fertilizer plant. Powdery and granular NPK fertilizer plant are for your choice. What’s more, if you want to customize the this production line, we can also meet your requirement according to your conditions. So what is the design of NPK fertilizer production line?

17:17:17 Powder NPK Fertilizer Plant

Dynamic Batching Machine

You may want to produce 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer, how to make the proportion of N, P, K is in line with your formula? Our dynamic batching machine equips each material hopper with an electronic belt scale. In this way, it can feed materials precisely to make required NPK fertilizer. What’s more, the batching bin is equipped with a stirring device to improve production efficiency.

npk fertilizer batching machine

Chemical Material Crusher

The finer chemical powder, the better the final NPK fertilizer quality. Therefore, a suitable crusher is necessary for your NPK compound fertilizer making.Here, vertical type crusher and cage crusher are both excellent choices for you.

Powder Screening Machine

Can we package 17:17:17 NPK fertilizer powder directly after crushing? No, fertilizer crushing is not the end. In order to prepare better NPK powder, you need to add a powder screener after chemical material crusher. Rotary screening equipment will further remove waste from fine NPK powder.

npk powder fertilizer screening machine

Automatic Bagging Machine

Finally, you can pack 17:17:17 powdery fertilizer with automatic bagging machine. According to your capacity, we can offer you single/double buckets fertilizer bagging machines and ton fertilizer packaging scale.

20:10:10 NPK fertilizer Granulation Plant

If you plan to prepare 20:10:10 NPK fertilizer which can help you make more profits, our NPK fertilizer granulation line is an ideal choice for you. It can help you make powder chemical materials into NPK fertilizer granules quickly and easily. Then what is the design of NPK fertilizer granulation line? (Tips: The previous steps are the same as the production of powdery NPK fertilizer, and it is different from the beginning after sieving.)

Compound Fertilizer Granulator

Granulation equipment plays an important role in preparation of NPK fertilizer. It used in making powder chemical materials into granules. For this, you can purchase disc granulator, rotary drum pelletizer and double roller granulation machine.

npk compound fertilizer granulator
npk fertilizer pellets screening machine

Rotary NPK Granules Screener

After granulation, in order to ensure the quality of 20:10:10 NPK fertilizer pellets you produce, it is advisable to sieve them with rotary screener. Then you can transport qualified granular NPK fertilizer to the next process.

Chain Crusher

How to dispose of the unqualified NPK fertilizer granules? Or discard them? What a waste! At that time, you can use chain crusher to grind them into fine powder again and return then to reprocess.

chain grinder for npk granules
npk fertilizer granules dryernpk fertilizer pellets cooler

Dryer and Cooler

If you use double roller granulator to prepare NPK fertilizer pellets, it is dispensable to buy dryer and cooler. However, when you start NPK fertilizer granulation with disc granulator or rotary drum pelletizer. You’d better use the dryer and cooler to remove excessive moisture from your NPK fertilizer.

Packaging Equipment

Provided you want to make NPK fertilizer continuously, an automatic bagging machine is necessary. It can help you finish NPK fertilizer packaging quickly and easily, so you can deliver it to your customers in a short time.

single bucket npk fertilizer packaging machine

What Granulation Process You Can Choose to Make NPK Fertilizer?

Most npk fertilizers are granular, but the manufacturing process is indeed different. There are two granulation process for your choice.  Dry granulation and wet granulation. You can choose them according to your requirements.

Wet Granulation Method

If you want your npk fertilizer to become more wear-resistant, more beautiful and not easy to disperse. Wet granulation method is an excellent option. During the granulating, it will use water or other additives as binders to enhance the cohesive force between the materials. Therefore, the finished fertilizer pellets have a low possibility of pulverization and more beautiful appearance. And the moisture content of wet granulation is 45%-50%, you must remove excessive moisture to package fertilizer.

Dry Granulation Method

If you want to make npk fertilizer with lower cost, dry granulation technology can meet your requirements. Unlike wet granulation, which uses liquid as binder to help NPK materials stick to each other. Granulating by dry pelleting method nearly don’t need water. And it is suitable for processing raw materials, which has a moisture content of less than 10%. So it is dispensable to dry or cool finished NPK fertilizer pellets to decrease moisture content.

For this, what granulators are suitable for these granulation methods?

If you choose wet granulation process to make NPK fertilizer, rotary drum granulator and pan granulation are the best choice for you. For large scale NPK pellets production, you can select drum granulation machine. Because it can produce 15-30 t/h NPK fertilizer with 3-6mm. What’s more, because of this granulation method, the materials are easy to stick to the wall. This will affect the granulation efficiency of rotary drum fertlizer pellet production and cause seriouserosion to the granulator. For this, we especially upgrade the designs as follows: rubber lining, stainless press strips and cleaning holes.

The other one for wet granulation method is disc granulation machine. It is suitable for making small scale NPK granules with the capacity of 1-6 t/h. And it has a simple design anf is easy to operate. Most of NPK fertilizer manufacturers all pay attention to its cost. For this, it only needs low investment and a small area site. You can contact us to get the detailed quotation.

Double roller granulator can produce dry NPK fertilizer with the capacity of 1-2 t/h. And its granulation rate can reach 95%. What’s more, you only need $3,000-$12,000 to purchase it.

NPK Fertilizer Processing Line Setup Project

When you want to setup a npk fertilizer production line, there are some factors for your reference. Such as, factory area, npk fertilizer making machine and npk fertilizer manufacturing processing. Welcome to contact us!

NPK Fertilizer Production Line Boost your Fertilizer Business

Npk fertilizer production line layout

Customers generally have a lot of concerns about the choice of equipment. Our company will provide very reasonable pre-sales services to help customers plan and layout the fertilizer production site. So that the cost can be saved to the greatest extent.Our company will assign engineers to visit the site and give design drawings.

npk fertilizer making plant

Plan the placement of equipment according to the size of your site, such as fertilizer crushers, granulators and packaging machines are small in size, so you can adjust the position at any time according to other equipment during planning. Larger equipment such as manure dryers and coolers should be placed after planning to avoid repeated movement.

How many areas does a npk fertilizer production line cover?

In the world of fertilizer production, understanding the spatial requirements of an NPK fertilizer production line is crucial for planning and optimizing your manufacturing operations. Whether you’re considering a powder or granular NPK production line, the area it occupies directly influences your factory layout, operational flow, and overall production efficiency. Below, we delve into the specifics of the space requirements for both powder and granular NPK fertilizer production lines.

In conclusion, when considering the establishment of an NPK fertilizer production line, taking into account the space requirements is essential. Whether you opt for a powder or granular line, the space your line occupies impacts not only the initial setup but also the long-term operational efficiency. By adequately planning for these spatial needs, you position your fertilizer production operation for success, ensuring you have the capacity to meet production demands in an effective and efficient manner.

How to dispose of dust in your npk fertilizer manufacturing line?

In your NPK fertilizer manufacturing line, it’s essential to manage dust effectively to meet environmental regulations and protect worker health and working environment. There are two ways for your choice. Dust collector and dust cover.

Dust collector

We design a dust collection system specifically for the type of dust produced. And cyclone dust collector, bag filter dust collector, or water curtain dust collector are commonly used to capture airborne particles.  In addition, you can not only install dust removal equipment in the drying and cooling process, but also in the early batching process. Because during the batching process, load type feeder feeding will also cause the generation of dust.

Dust cover

In addition to dust collector, you can also install dust covers on equipment that easily generates dust. Such as npk fertilizer granulator, screening machine, belt conveyor, etc. And we have customization services to design dust covers according to the characteristics of different equipment. So you don’t worry about them not fitting the device.

The dust collector system should be adequate to ensure the dust level ( SPM = suspended particulate matter) inside the npk fertilizer plant should be less than 50 mg/m³.  So all these designs can meet your standard suspending dust less than 50mg/m³.

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