For chicken farm manure management, turning it into compost fertilizer is an ideal choice. But according to the different actual conditions of chicken farms, there are different chicken poop composting lines needed. Then how to compost chicken poop from 120,000 chicks farm? On 15th August 2023, a customer from Pakistan inquired about this. He wanted to know the layer manure fermentation process and get suitable fertilizer equipment recommendations.


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What Equipment is Needed for Composting 120,000 Chicks?

For chicken manure compost machines purchasing, capacity is an item you must consider. The client from Pakistan planned to dispose of chicken manure in a 120,000 birds farm. Because a chick will generate about 0.15 kg of manure a day, you need to compost 18 tons of chicken waste a day. Then you need chicken manure processing equipment with a capacity of 1 t/h.

  • In this case, we recommend you a compost system that consists of screw type dewatering machine, single shaft mixer, SXSF-40 semi-wet crusher and groove type compost turner. It has characteristics of high working efficiency, easy operation, economical price, etc. So it is an excellent choice for you to start this scale composting of chicken poop.

How Much Area Does Chicken Manure Fertilizer Manufacturing Cover?

Then this Pakistani chicken farm owner also wanted to know the area occupation of the system for turning chicken manure into fertilizer Moreover, can it be accommodated by his workshop?

In general, beside the layout, the area occupation of chicken manure fertilizer making is also closely related to the capacity. What is the capacity of this Pakistani client’s chicken poop fertilizer making plan? He told us that 18 tons per day according to 120,000 chicks farm – with possibility to upgrade to 40 tons per day in future. Because he wanted to expand the size of the chicken farms. So if you keep the chicken dung fertilizer making line running 2 shifts a day and 10 hours a shift, you only need to buy a small scale organic fertilizer production line with an output of 1-4 t/h. Usually, you need to prepare an area of 2,000-4,500 ㎡ for a 1-4 t/h powder + granular organic fertilizer making line.

Making Compost into Powder chicken Fertilizer
composted chicken manure fertilizer production line

Which Fermentation Method is Suitable for 120,000 Chicks Manure Disposal?

Finally, this customer from Pakistan wanted to know what fermentation method can speed up chicken manure composting. In general, SX fertilizer equipment mainly adopts aerobic fermentation method. While working, it will turn chicken waste piles to supply oxygen for better fermentation and dissipate excessive heat for preventing beneficial bacteria death. But why should you choose this fermentation method to dispose of chicken waste? Because it makes use of high temperature, which is caused by microorganisms activities, to complete the harmless process of chicken manure. For this, SX can recommend you the BLXQ-6000 in-vessel composter to compost 120,000 chicks scale of manure.

3organic fertilizer production tank for chicken manure

Generally, it can help you can help you process 8-12 m³of chicken manure per day, which has a moisture content of 50%-70%. And after chicken manure composting, you can get 4-5 m³of compost fertilizer a day, which the moisture of composted chicken manure is 30%. According to 120,000 chicks scale, you can buy two organic fertilizer fermentation tanks in your factory. Can it compost chicken manure with moisture content of over 70%? At that time, you can use manure dewatering machine to excessive waster from chicken poop.