Compound NPK fertilizer have high nutrients, which most fertilizer manufacturers plan to invest compound NPK fertilizer production. Like the customer wanted to use DAP, MOP, Urea and SOA as raw materials to produce different types of compound NPK fertilizers on 27th April 2023. Then after discussing the details about this, he chose the suitable equipment to make compound NPK fertilizer. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.

Compound npk fertilizer

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Which Equipment is suitable for Making Compound NPK Fertilizer?

Customer wanted to use DAP, MOP, Urea and SOA to prepare compound NPK fertilizer pellets. So first of all, it is essential to buy a type of suitable chemical fertilizer granulation machines.

For this, SX can provide you with the suitable machines-double roller granulator, drum granulator and pan granulation. This customer needed to make different types of fertilizer, these machines all can produce. But pan granulation with wet granulation and double roller granulator with dry granulation are suitable for small scale production. And rotary drum granulator is suitable for large scale production. So customer can choose them according to their capacity.

How to Increase the Strength of Compound NPK Pellets?

If Compound NPK fertilizer wants to increase its particle hardness, it needs to finely crush the material in the early stage. Because the finer the powder and the denser the granules, the harder the fertilizer will be. If you choose wet granulation, you can add some binder during the mixing process to increase the hardness of the granules. Or you can increase the temperature in the drying process and reduce the moisture in the fertilizer to increase the hardness. In addition, the temperature control of the dryer is also very important. Temperature control within a certain range can also effectively enhance particle hardness.

What Granulation Method Would be Best to Produce Best Strength and Least Dust in the Product?

The customer wanted to produce granules with high strength and least dust. So SX recommended him to adopt the dry granulation method. Because dry granulation does not require drying and cooling, which greatly reduces dust pollution. In addition, the production of compound fertilizer by dry granulation uses a double-roll extrusion granulator, which adopts the extrusion granulation mode. Hence, this granulation increases the strength of the granules.

dust collector for compound npk fertilizer

Can we use wet granulation method to produce pellets with best strength and least dust?

Of course. If you use wet granulation, you can configure a set of dust collector. Because using this method to produce pellets you need to dry and cool the fertilizer. Dust will be generated during the drying process, and the dust collector system can solve this problem very well.

How Much Does Compound NPK Fertilizer Granulator Cost?

In addition, in the process of choosing compound NPK ferilizer granulator, cost is also an item you must focus on. In general, when you plan to buy disc compound NPK fertilizer granulator for your fertilizer production line, you need to prepare about $1,000-$16,000 for it. How about drum compound NPK granulation equipment? The price of a rotary drum pellet making machine is $7,200 and $69,000.

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