Chicken manure is common in our daily life.Many farmers would like to make use of them in maximum.But these materials have high moisture between 70%-90%, which is not suitable for making fertilizer with chicken manure. Therefore, you need a manure dryer to carry out the following steps. For this, we design a chicken manure dryer for you.

This equipment can meet your requirement to dry chicken manure efficiently. It plays an important role in your making fertilizer plant. So this chicken manure dryer is helpful for you to make fertilizer.


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Why We Need to Use Chicken Manure Dryer for Making Fertilizer?

Chicken Manure State Suitable for Your Fertilizer Composting

If fresh chicken manure is not treated, it cannot be used directly. Otherwise, pests and diseases will spread. And because fresh chicken manure contains a large amount of available nitrogen, once the roots of the seedlings come into contact, burnt seedlings may occur. So you need to turn over the chicken manure first. However, the water content of these chicken manures is relatively high now, so it is not suitable for direct throwing. Therefore, you need to dry the chicken manure first.

Convenient to Transport after Granulating Chicken Manure

The moisture content of the fertilizer after granulation is 45%-50%. In order to meet the packaging requirements and better transport, you need to dry the fertilizer. Make the moisture content of the fertilizer less than 25%. At this time, it is also convenient for your subsequent transportation after meeting the bag packing requirements.

transformation for chicken manure

How Do you Dry Chicken Manure More Thoroughly?

Achicken manure dryer can make the material moisture reach 15%-20%. However, when the moisture content of the material is too large or the material is too much, a chicken manure dryer may not be able to load. At this time, you need to buy more than one. But the budget will increase. In response to this situation, we have designed an inclined screen dehydrator to get rid of the current predicament. You can first put the prepared chicken manure into the dehydrator for preliminary dehydration. This not only improves the subsequent drying efficiency, but also keeps the moisture to a level that satisfies you.

How to Effectively Prevent Pollution When you Use Chicken Manure Dryer?

dust collector for chicken manure dryer

After the chicken manure is processed by the dryer, the moisture in the chicken manure is expelled into the atmosphere along with the exhaust gas. Because it contains harmful substances, you need to pay extra attention. If it is not handled properly, it will not only cause environmental pollution, but also cause certain damage to the equipment you purchased. Thereby reducing the service life of the dryer and further increasing your production costs.

What Made you Choose this Chicken Manure Dryer in SX?

The use of our chicken manure drying technology will reduce the weight and volume of your chicken manure by as much as 60 percent. You may thus cut down your disposal cost by and equivalent 60 percent, at best.

Our heat pump system makes air dehumidification highly efficient. Chicken manure dryers operate at low temperatures between 20 °C and 50 °C.

The perfect combination of extremely dry air and adequate air routeing ensures uniform, efficient and reliable chicken manure drying.

What you get is a top quality and reliable system which pays off very quickly because you save so much cost for chicken manure disposal.

drying chicken manure

Chicken Manure

Drying Yield(m³/h)


Coal Consumption

Per Ton (Standard Coal)













1.8 x16





The initial moisture of the material is within 70%

Above 6000 kcal

Importance of Drying Chicken Manure for you to Use in your Factory

  • Dried chicken manure can improve the quality of agricultural products and reduce the accumulation of harmful substances. Improve agricultural products to a higher level, or meet the requirements of green food.

  • Effectively improve the fertility of cultivated land, raise the soil fertilizer supply environment and aggregate structure. And enhance soil fertilizer and water retention capacity.

  • Reduce fertilizer nutrient loss. Microbial activity can decompose the fixed phosphorus and potassium in the soil and provide crop absorption.

Chicken Manure

The feed ingested by chickens is not fully digested and absorbed, and about 40%-70% of the nutrients are excreted, so chicken manure has the highest nutrient content among all poultry manure. Chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, which contains about 1.63%, 1.54%, and 0.085% of pure nitrogen, phosphorus (P2O5), and potassium (K2O), and the organic matter of chicken manure is more than 30%.

From the above point of view, there are many benefits of dry chicken manure. But how do you have dry chicken droppings? This requires a chicken manure dryer. You can dry chicken manure specifically, and turn the dried chicken manure into a material with high nutritional value for subsequent fertilizer making.

What is the Cost of the Chicken Manure Dryer?

Chicken Manure Dryer

After you decide to buy a poultry manure dryer, the most concerned thing should be the price. How can we buy high-quality equipment at the lowest cost? You can choose our factory – SX Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. The price of one chicken manure dryer in our company is $9,000.00.

Why do you choose our factory to buy? Our factory has many years of experience in equipment processing, and the quality of equipment is guaranteed. And there is a high-quality fertilizer equipment professional team composed of experts, professors and senior engineers at various levels. It has a clear grasp of all aspects of the equipment and can help you solve various problems. In addition, the whole price is transparent and there are no additional fees.

SX factory for chicken manure dryer

Overall, a chicken manure dryer can be a valuable investment for manufacturers and agricultural businesses that generate large amounts of chicken manure. By properly drying and sterilizing the manure, they can turn what would otherwise be a waste product into a valuable resource that can improve soil health and crop yields while reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

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