Why we need to compost chicken manure? Because if you want to recycle chicken poop and make it into organic fertilizer, it is necessary to ensure that it can supply nutrients to crops without any harm. But how to maximize the effectiveness of the composted chicken manure? As a professional equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you with suitable fertilizer production projects.And we have some successful cases. For example, on 25th March 2023, a client from Malaysia inquired about composted chicken manure pellets line. The following are the specific details of communicates in this cases.


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What is the Layout of the Composted Chicken Manure Pellet Line?

The customer from Malaysia wanted to know the layout of composted chicken manure granulation manufacturing line. So the production area, equipment and labor are important aspects you need to know.

production area for composted chicken manure production

The Production Area

Because the client from Malaysia wanted to produce 10 tons per hour composted chicken manure pellets, you need to plan the site for granulation and packaging according to your capacity. Hence, 10 tons per hour composted chicken manure pellets line needs 5500㎡ area. But Malaysian customer had have composted chicken manure as raw materials, the production area only has 3850㎡.

Needed Equipment

If you plan to produce organic fertilizer granules out of chicken waste, you need to purchase more equipment. In general, a complete composted chicken manure pellets line consists of batching machine, crusher, mixer, powder screener, granulator, granules screener, dryer, cooler, coating machine, bagging equipment and belt conveyor. You can choose suitable machines according to your capacity with different models.


The Requirement of Labor

The labor number is also important in your production line. Therefore, there are 3-4 workers that you need to prepare. 1 for batching machine material feeding, 1 for furnace and 1 or 2 for packing machine. For this, you can adjust workers according to your requirements.

Granular Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Line for Commercial Composted Chicken Manure

Then this Malaysian chicken farm owner also wanted to know what equipment is suitable for turning chicken manure into fertilizer pellets. And from our customer feedback, there are two composted chicken manure granulation lines are hot selling.

Disc Fertilizer Granulation Plant for Small Scale Composted Chicken Manure

When you need granular chicken manure making line with a capacity of 1-6 t/h, we recommend you purchase our disc granulation system. Because it is the most cost-effective organic fertilizer granulation preparation system. Do you want to produce 1-8 mm organic fertilizer pellets from chicken dung? Are you looking for a granular chicken manure fertilizer making line with a high granulation rate? Do you want to prepare chicken manure fertilizer at a low cost? This system can fully meet your requirements.

large scale composted chicken poop fertilizer granules production

Rotary Drum Pellet Making Line for Large Composted Chicken Poop Fertilizer Plant Setup

But if you plan to dispose of a larger amount of composted chicken litter into granular organic fertilizer, you can choose our rotary drum pelleting system. Its largest output can reach 30 t/h. In addition, in order to make you finish large scale granular chicken dung fertilizer manufacturing more smoothly, we especially upgrade it in many aspects.

Two-in-one production line of disc and drum

The above two production lines are aimed at various choices of customers. But if the customers want to produce 10 tons of granular fertilizer per hour, he can choose the two-in-one production line of disc and drum. This production line not only has a low returning rate and strong particle hardness, but also can meet the output required by customers.

How Much Does Composted Chicken Poop Fertilizer Making Cost?

Composted Chicken Poop Fertilizer Making Cost

Finally, the customer from Malaysia wanted to know the quote of the composted chicken poop fertilizer making line. The price is not fixed, because it is related to many factors. Capacity, design, equipment type, etc. However, The quote of a complete 10 t/h granular chicken poop fertilizer production system is about $190,000-$360,000. Is it high? No, all SX chicken manure fertilizer machines are made of high quality alloy, which is high wear-resistant and erosion-resistant.