The precipitated materials produced during the treatment of sewage in many urban sewage treatment plants can easily form sludge. And this sludge has high water content & a strong odor, is perishable. Then it contains parasite eggs, pathogenic microorganisms and heavy metals. So if you don’t handle it properly and discharge it arbitrarily, it will cause secondary pollution. At the same time, on 31st March 2024, a customer from American inquired about this. He wanted to process the sewage sludge through using professional machines.

What do you need to do before sewage sludge composting?

This American client prepared to compost sewage sludge. But before composting, you need to remove excessive moisture from sewage sludge, crush into pieces and mix with other materials. Why?

Dewatering sewage sludge

Generally speaking, the moisture content of sludge is about 80%. So you must adjust it to 55%-60% before entering the aerobic fermentation process. There are two types of dehydrators for your choice, one is a screw squeeze dehydrator and the other is an inclined screen dewatering machine.

dewatering machine for sewage sludge
sewage sludge vertical type crushersemi-wet material grinder for sewage sludge

Crushing sludge into pieces

If you want to decompose sludge quickly, it is an ideal choice to crush it into fine powder before composting. Because when agglomerated sludge become fine powder, it will have a larger contact area with oxygen. Then what equipment is suitable for sewage sludge crushing? Vertical type crusher and semi-wet material grinder are both excellent choices, because they can process high moisture material without blocking.

Mixing with materials

The most suitable C/N ratio for sludge aerobic fermentation is (25~35):1. If the C/N is not within the appropriate range, you should add materials with higher carbon content to the dewatered sludge, such as sawdust, straw powder, fallen leaves, etc. And if you want to take full advantage of them, it is necessary mixing them with sludge evenly. Here, we can provide you with various fertilizer mixers for your choice.

sewage sludge mixer for sale

What compost turner is suitable for processing sewage sludge?

groove type composting sewage sludge

During the composting process of sewage sludge, the temperature is an item you must focus on. It is advisable to keep it between 60°C and 70°C, Because only when the temperature is higher than 60C, the harmful substances in sewage sludge can be killed. For this, composting can make the sludge reach harmless and hygienic standards. And this customer from America wanted to compost quickly and buy this machine commercially. We recommend him groove type compost turner.

Provided you want to improve the sewage sludge management system of your plant, groove type composter is an ideal choice for you. It can help you complete the harmless process of sawage sludge within 20 days. In addition, the price of a groove type compost machine is only $ 6,500-$ 19,000. Therefore, it can help you create a clean environment for composting them with a small investment. And you can make more profits from preparing sludge into fertilizer.

Groove type compost turner

The above are details about our communication with the customer about sewage sludge composting in America. In addition, we also have other sludge disposal plans for your choice. Such as sludge organic fertilizer production system, sludge organic fertilizer pellet making plan, other sludge compost lines, etc.

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