Bulk blending fertilizer production line can blend kinds of fertilizer granules to the specified fertilizer in a proportion. The process technology is widely used and it has bright market prospect. Below I will introduce to you the relevant content of the bb fertilizer production line, including the production process of bb fertilizer. And its related raw materials and advantages, etc. Meanwhile, we provide you different configurations for your fertilizer making requirements.


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Plant design for BB fertilizer production

BB fertilizer has a good development prospect, which can increase the yield of agricultural products and reduce production costs. The combined use of organic and inorganic fertilizers can also be achieved to increase production and improve soil simultaneously. In addition, ensuring the long-term sustainable development of agriculture. In this case, in order to better produce BB fertilizer, you need a BB fertilizer production line.

bb fertilizer making plant

First of all, you need a BB fertilizer mixer. The pellets are rotated by the horizontal BB fertilizer mixer to form an irregular material curtain, and the uniformly mixed pellets slowly roll towards the discharge port along the inclined direction of the mixer.

Of course, you cannot ignore the steps in this previous step , that is, the ingredients. You need to transport raw materials such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and filling materials to the relevant silos respectively. After each automatic measuring device weighed , you can send it to the pre-mixing tape machine. Therefore, this requires a batching device.

Finally, you can transport the stirred fertilizer to the finished product silo, slipping into the automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging, and storage. In addition, you can adjust the automatic fertilizer packaging machine in this process according to your budget. Furthermore, if the budget is insufficient, you can operate it manually.

In a word, you can choose to prepare your production line according to your needs.

Why does BB fertilizer production line that wins customer ?

Our company’s BB fertilizer production equipment has many advantages, let me introduce it to you.

What kind of high-quality BB fertilizer can be produced for you by using our equipment in your plant?

During the production of BB fertilizer you may encounter clogging problem. But if you use our equipment, you can ensure that the material in the fertilizer tank is clear and there is less product settling at the bottom of the tank, thereby reducing this risk. Produce BB fertilizer with better solubility. Because our company’s fertilizer tank can stir quickly and mix evenly.

organic fertilizer tank for bio fertilizer production line
batching to bio fertilizer production plant

In order to produce better quality BB fertilizer, we must be finer in the ingredients. In order to meet the needs of customers, our batching equipment is divided into upper and lower buckets,the upper part is stored,the lower part is measured,and the control instrument is configured during the batching process. The mixture is carefully measured to avoid waste and produce a highly nutritious fertilizer.

8 Highlights to possess BB fertilizer plant

  • The batching system adopts the world’s most advanced static batching control core components.

  • Because the fluidity of BB fertilizer raw materials is not good, our company adopts a unique feeding mechanism to ensure that the raw material feeding process is smooth and does not block the material.

  • The batching scale adopts the static batching method, and the batching is accurate.

  • The feeding adopts the feeding belt conveyor with a large inclination angle, which solves the problems of bucket elevator blockage, overflow, and raw material hardening.

  • The national patented mixing technology shortens the mixing time and makes the mixing more sufficient and uniform.

  • The packaging scale control instrument can be accurate to 0.1%, which can maximize the maximum profit of the manufacturer.

  • High-quality after-sales service to ensure high quality and high efficiency to solve problems encountered in production for customers.

  • Due to the corrosiveness of fertilizers, the contact parts of our products and materials are all made of national standard stainless steel, and the plates are thick, strong and durable.

Raw materials for making BB fertilizer in your plant

The technical key of producing BB fertilizer lies in its raw material and specific gravity distribution. Different raw materials produce different BB fertilizers, and different specific gravity will also lead to different structures of fertilizers, which will affect the state of fertilizers.Here are a few examples for your reference.