New type stirring granulator is used to granulate various organic matter after fermentation. It breaks through the conventional organic fertilizer granulation process, and does not need to dry and crush the raw materials before granulation.You can process the spherical particles through direct batching, which can save a lot of energy. There are many types of stirring granulation machines developed and produced by our company.

And other specifications of new type stirring granulators can also be developed and produced according to customer requirements. The casing of the granulator is made of thickened seamless steel pipe, which is durable and not easily deformed.


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Raw material for new type organic fertilizer granulator

Five aspects that make you convince to purchase our new type stirring granulator

Making you convince to buy must be the bright spot of this equipment, let me introduce it in detail below.

  • 1

    The particles produced are spherical. The content of organic matter can reach 100%, realizing the granulation of pure organic matter.

  • 2

    Utilizing the characteristic that organic matter particles can be embedded and grown up under a certain force, no binder is needed during granulation.

  • 3

    The granules are solid and you can sieve them after granulation to reduce drying energy consumption.

  • 4

    You don’t need to dry the fermented organic matter, and the moisture content of the raw material can be 20-40%.

  • 5

    Spherical particles have no sharp angles after granulation, so the pulverization rate is extremely low.

New type stirring granulation machine VS pan granulator

Although both the new type stirring granulator and the disc granulator belongs to wet granulators, they are different in the details of granulation. This affects the final granulation effect.

Pan Granulator

The production process of granular organic fertilizer is diversified, and you can use disc granulation widely with production method now. This granular organic fertilizer production method consumes a lot, because disc granulation requires excessive moisture in raw materials. (50%-60%) Due to too much moisture, this will cause a certain load on the equipment. When you use the raw materials to granulate in the disc, it is easy to cause sticking, and the direct impact is the decline in output and quality.And the drying process in the later stage is relatively troublesome.Because the organic fertilizer contains a certain amount of organic matter and biological bacteria. In addition, the temperature is too high during drying, which will cause the loss of nutrients. But without drying, you have no way to store and transport the finished products later. And the losses caused by this are immeasurable.

new type organic fertilizer granulation machine

New Type Stirring Granulation Machine

You can use new type stirring granulator to granulate various organic fertilizers after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic fertilizer granulation process. There is no need to dry the raw materials before granulation, and you can process spherical particles directly after crushing the raw materials, which can save a lot of energy. The organic content is 100%, realizing pure organic fertilizer granulation. The material moisture of this granulator is only about 20%-40%, which greatly reduces energy consumption for our post-drying treatment.

Working principle of new type stirring granulator

A clear understanding of the working principle of the equipment can not only find problems in time during the fertilizer production process, but also effectively adjust the details according to the needs of customers.

New type organic fertilizer granulator makes use of high speed rotary mechanical agitation force and the resulting aerodynamic force to make fine powder materials continuously achieve the process of mixing,granulating,balling and densification in the machine,so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.The particle shape is spherical, and the particle size is 0.5mm~5mm. The granulation rate is above 98%, and the water content is 35%~40%. The speed of the rotor can adjust the size of the particle diameter. The lower the rotation speed, the larger the particles, and the higher the rotation speed, the smaller the particles, and vice versa.

What are the factors that affect the pelleting rate of the new organic fertilizer granulator?

There are many aspects that affect the ball forming rate of the equipment. Only by solving these problems one by one,you can improve the production efficiency.

You can adjust the material moisture, the greater the material moisture, the larger the particles. The less moisture, the smaller the particles. When the feed is uneven, it will be big and small.

If you are not adjust the ratio properly, it will also affect the ball forming rate. Our company’s batching system is controlled by an advanced electronic control system with high control accuracy.

Regulate the gap between the stirring teeth and the cylinder wall to 5-8mm. If wearing the agitating head severely, replace it with a new one in time and stop the machine for cleaning.

You need to adjust the viscosity of the material to a reasonable state.

new typr organic fertilizer granulator

3 features for the new type stirring granulator

The new organic fertilizer granulator uses the raw materials fermented within the specified range for granulation and processing.

  • It breaks through the characteristics of large return material, high water content, low strength and uneven particle size of disc granulation. And it can save fuel during the drying process.

  • Surmounting the characteristics of low output, difficult mold cleaning, troublesome adjustment, and labor-intensive and time-consuming of the flat die granulator.

  • It can greatly save energy, improve the utilization rate and the profit of the enterprise and realize the direct desire of customers.