As the main equipment of this production line, the wheel type turning machine plays an important role in the fermentation process. The quality of this equipment determines the effect of fertilizer production in the later stage. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a good quality wheel type composting machine. This equipment of us can meet all your requirements for the roulette turning machine. So that your wheel type compost system will not have any worries. If you want to know more details, you can consult us.


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How to make fertilizer in your wheel type compost system?

  • The focus of this production line is still in the early stage of fermentation. You can use a fermentation tank to place the material , and laying pipes inside to release oxygen. After that using a wheel turner to blend and lightly crush the material.

  • After this process, you can carry out screening to screen out the impurities that cannot be crushed. And you can continue to crush the others.

  • Stir after crushing. It is determined whether to add the bacterial agent during the stirring step according to the shape of the particles to be manufactured.

  • If producing powdered fertilizer, you can pack directly after crushing. If you produce granular fertilizer , configuring a granulator according to your needs. After granulation, you should dry and cool.

  • Finally, pack it. The above is the production process of the roulette type production line. If you want to know more, you can come to consult.

Three common configurations of the wheel-type composting organic fertilizer production line

The fermentation process for the wheel type compost system

If you want the roulette turner to play the most effective role in the production line, you need to know its fermentation process for subsequent operation rectification.

Wide application for wheel type compost system

How to make the wheel type turning production line more automated?

The roulette turning and throwing machine plays a very important role in the fermentation process of the production line, but in order to exert its maximum effectiveness, some auxiliary equipment is also essential. For example: fabric vehicles, mobile vehicles, aeration systems, etc. There are also palletizing robots in the final packaging process. These auxiliary equipment make the whole production line more automatic. Next, I will introduce the role of these devices in the production line.

In order to meet the moisture, pH and other requirements during the fermentation of materials, you need to add some organic fertilizer starters. The wheel-type turning and throwing machine can give full play to its stirring function, so that the stirring operation can achieve the purpose of uniform mixing, stirring and bottom removal. And it can improve the permeability of the raw material, make the raw material fluffy and elastic, absorb a lot of air at the same time, and increase the temperature of the fertilizer pile. If the temperature is too high, it will absorb the fresh air again to lower the temperature, thus forming an alternating state of medium and high temperature. Beneficial to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

The function of the distribution truck is to spread the material evenly in the fermentation tank, so that the forklift does not have to enter and exit the fermentation tank frequently, which reduces the cost of raw material transfer and improves work efficiency.

Each trough-type aerobic fermentation system generally consists of 8-10 fermentation tanks, but generally you only need one turning machine . In order to save equipment investment, let multiple fermentation tanks share one turner, which requires switching the position of the turner between multiple different fermentation tanks. The moving cart plays the role of moving the turner and cloth cart from one slot to another.

The function of the aeration system is to ventilate and oxygenate the fermented material in the tank, so that the microorganisms in the material can interact with oxygen, and then fully ferment the material to generate useful humus. By aeration, it can shorten the number of days for fermentation.

The use of palletizing robots in the packaging process can help move goods, reduce labor costs, and improve loading efficiency.

wheel type compost system

It can be seen from the above introduction that each device plays an important role in the entire production line, which makes the degree of automation higher.

How to avoid the agglomeration and precipitation of raw materials during the operation of the wheel-type turning production line ?

There are often some problems in the turning and throwing process of the roulette turning machine, such as agglomeration and sedimentation. If agglomeration often occurs, it is mostly related to the temperature, humidity, external pressure and storage time of the material. These problems will lead to a decline in the overall operating efficiency of the production line, so how to avoid it?

When choosing raw materials, you can try to choose those that are not easy to agglomerate, such as trace element foliar fertilizers, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, sulfate, etc. as raw materials, and magnesium sulfate as the main additive. Helps keep materials within a suitable environmental range.

Because in spring, late autumn, and winter, the air humidity is low and the temperature is high, which will not create strong conditions for agglomeration. So the operator can choose to process during these times. You can add some anti-caking agents appropriately, such as talcum powder, humic acid, etc.

In addition, during the transportation of the roulette turning machine, you need to pay attention to prevent extrusion and ensure moisture absorption and air permeability. After finishing the installation of the roulette turning machine and before use, personnel should try not to run the production line on an empty stomach during the trial run. The engine must be heated and fed to avoid sticking, so that abnormalities can be detected as early as possible. At the same time, for its feed port, prohibiting iron and other sundries strictly in the vent hole.