On November 21, 2023, we receive an inquiry about disc granulation plant at Kenya. This customer mainly engages in agricultural industries and wants to improve their fertilizer production capabilities. After discussing and customizing the corresponding solution, the client’s UK boss finally reached this deal. So the following is the specific information about the entire process.

What is the requirement of Kenyans customer about making organic fertilizer?

This Kenyans customer initially wanted to buy compost turner, crusher, granulator, drying machine, screener and packaging equipment with the capacity of 1 t/h. And he has experience in organic fertilizer production. So in order to continuously produce organic fertilizer, he wants a complete organic fertilizer production project. For this, we propose a solution for building a 1 t/h organic fertilizer disc granulation plant.

What equipment is suitable for 1 t/h disc granulation plant?

Then during the subsequent communications, the client from Kenya asked us what equipment is needed in a complete organic fertilizer making line in detail? In general, it contains the following machines:

Organic material disposal equipment

organic material dewatering

Dewatering machine

Organic material usually has a high moisture content, which will affect the production of organic fertilizer. And it is advisable to reduce the water content of organic material to below 60%, which is beneficial for better fermentation. Here, YSX dewatering machine can help you finish excessive moisture removing quickly and easily. And after dehydration, the moisture content of organic material is 30%-40%.

Windrow compost turner

For organic material recycling, composting is necessary. Because it can eliminate harmful substances in manure, such as pathogens, smelly odor and parasite eggs, etc. Because this client planned to produce 1 t/h organic fertilizer, we recommend him choose windrow compost turner, including crawler type composter and moving type compost turner. They have turning width of 2.4-3m and turning depth of 0.6-1.5m. So it can process 500-1500m³of windrows per hour. In addition, they adopt aerobic fermentation method and finish it within 20 days.

load type feeder for organic fertilizer making

Load type feeder

After composting, you need to transport material compost into load type feeder. It can filter large stones and other waste from material and feed it to fertilizer making system.

Crushing machine

Do you want to granulate organic material easier? Do you hope to produce organic fertilizer with a smooth surface? Crushing machine is indispensable. It can grind compost into fine powder. The finer the powder, the better the granulation effect.

vertical type crusher for organic powder making
organic powder fertilizer screening machine

Powder screener

After crushing, there are still some small stones and cigarettes in material compost powder. At that time, in order to improve the purity of your organic fertilizer, it is wise to separate waste from fine powder. Here, powder screening machine can help you a lot.

Organic fertilizer mixer

In general, besides organic material form customer provided, we also need to add some auxiliary materials to enrich the nutrient content of final organic fertilizer. But adding to organic material directly cannot make them play their roles. You need to crush them into powder and mix with organic material powder evenly.

double shafts horizontal mixer for organic fertilizer powder

Organic fertilizer pellets making machine

organic fertilizer pellets making machine

Disc pelletizer

Then it is time to process material powder into granules. This makes your organic fertilizer more convenient for transport, storage and use. For this process, the Kenyans customer prepared to make 1 t/h organic fertilizer pellets. So we offer disc granulation machine for him. Its granulation rate can reach 93%. And you can adjust the size of pellets according to the inclination of pan and the addition of water.

Machines for improving the quality of organic fertilizer granules

Like powder, after granulation, it is also essential to separate organic fertilizer pellets with required size from others. We can offer you professional fertilizer granules screening equipment.

Because this organic fertilizer manufacturing line employs wet granulation method. In this way, the moisture content of organic fertilizer granules is 15%-20%, which is higher than that of international requirement. So you need to use dryer to remove excessive water. After drying, the temperature of organic fertilizer particles is 30℃-40℃. This is not beneficial for organic fertilizer pellets storage. Therefore, we design a cooler to reduce the temperature to a proper level.

In the process of organic fertilizer making, there is an item you also must focus on. It is gas waste disposal. Dust collector and dust fall room are designed to make  organic material into fertilizer in an environmentally friendly way.

Finally, you can package the final organic fertilizer granules into 25kg or 50kg according to your needs. Our automatic bagging machine can help you finish fertilizer packing in a short time.

What is the design of a 1 t/h organic fertilizer disc pelletizer line?

When you want to setup an organic fertilizer disc pelletizer line, facory area are also two aspect you must consider. Usually, the whole organic fertilizer pellets making area is divided into three parts:

How much does it cost to build a 1 t/h organic fertilizer disc pelletizer plant?

1 t/h organic fertilizer disc pelletizer plant

Finally, the client from Kenya inquired about the quotation of the organic fertilizer disc granulator production line with a capacity of 1 t/h. Because of quality fertilizer equipment use, the price of it is $110,000-$140,000. Can I set up a 1 t/h organic fertilizer disc pelletizer plant in Kenya at a lower cost? The answer is yes. You can purchase this organic fertilizer disc granulation plant during our company’s promotional period, which will give you a discount. The price will also be more affordable. But the promotional time is limited, you still need to hurry up!

The above are details about our communication with the customer from Kenya. In addition, besides organic fertilizer disc granulation making line, we also can provide you with many other fertilizer manufacturing projects. Such as NPK fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer making system and cow dung powder fertilizer making line, etc.

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