When you make cow manure into fertilizer, there is an item you must focus on. It is the moisture content of your manure material. In general, fresh cow dung has a water content of 70%-80%. But it is not suitable for organic fertilizer making, especially when you want to make organic fertilizer pellets. For example, on 23rd April 2023, a customer from Brazil inquired about cow manure dewatering machine. According to his requirements, we recommend our manure dewatering system. The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:


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How Do you Get Dried Cow Manure through Solid-liquid Separator?

Customer from Brazil wanted to reduce the cow dung moisture content from 70% to 20%-25% that can get dried cow waste. For this, we recommend two fertilizer separator machine.

Screw Type Cow Dung Dehydrator

For dewatering 70% water content cow manure to get dried cow manure, we recommend you use screw type manure dehydrator. Under the action of screw extrusion force and stainless steel screen mesh, the excessive water will be separated from solid cow manure quickly and easily. After separating, you can get solid dairy manure with water content of 30-40%,which is suitable to prepare cow waste organic fertilizer.

inclined screen separator for cow dung in Brazil

Inclined Screen Cow Waste Dewatering Machine

Is there a dehydrator for over 8o% water content cow manure processing? Of course. You can choose our SXTSX-1200 inclined screen solid-liquid separator. It will separate liquid from solid cattle manure before pressing. And its output can reach 30-40 m3/h. Therefore, it is suitable for producing fertilizer from higher moisture content dairy waste.

Cow dung drying machine can also help you get dried cow manure.

Cattle Farm Waste Rotary Dryer

Moreover, you can use rotary dryer to further removing excessive water from cattle farm manure. This equipment mainly makes use of hot air (300°C) to create a high temperature environment to evaporate cow dung moisture. In this way, you can even prepare cow manure fertilizer with a moisture content of below 10%. Of course, including 20-25%.

cow waste dryer delivery site to Brazil

What is the Price of Cow Dung Dewatering Machine?

Then Brazilian customer also asked us the cow dung dewatering machine price. For this, on the one hand, the cost of cow manure separator depends on the selection of different types. Different types machines are suitable for different conditions of organic waste. On the other hand, the capacity of equipment also decides the cost. Compared with other companies, our greatest advantage is that we have our factory. That is to say, you can visit our factory to know more about and process, and we can provide customized service for you.

Why Do you Choose SX Cattle Manure Separator in Brazil?

Finally, client from Brazil wanted to know what advantages does SX have over other factories? As a manure dewatering screw press manufacturer, we focus on provide high-quality and efficient equipment for our customers. Therefore, you can rest assured of our equipment. In addition, we also offer different models to meet different requirements from different customers. In terms of equipment itself, it has the following advantages:

The design of whole machine is reasonable. It is easy for you to operate and clean.

All parts that contact with cow dung adopt SUS304, which guarantee the production capacity and longer service life. Besides, the screen adopts stainless steel with higher strength and performance.

It is available for dealing with various organic wastes with high moisture. What’s more, its slag tapping quantity and dewatering level is adjustable, which can meet different requirements.

F & Q

  • 1. Which are the standard dimensions of the sieves’ holes in solid liquid separator?


  • 2.Does it need high temperature to dewater materials?

    No, just normal temperature. It works by motor, reducer, main body (screw rod and screen) to dry materials. In the process of its working, it doesn’t need to heat. For its working principle, it decide our products without heater can do better.

  • 3.How much water content is there after dehydration? And what is the next step?

    After dewatering, the moisture can be reached to 30%. The next step is to make organic fertilizer based on dewatered materials. In order to make organic fertilizer, the solid manure need to make fermentation. During this process, you can add some fermentation strain to improve fertilizer efficiency. Then, there are two kinds of shape you can choose, granulation shape and powder fertilizer. Aiming to different purpose, you can choose different fertilizer production line. The former you can choose cow dung granulation production system. And the latter you can use cow dung powder fertilizer machine. It is up to you.

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