If you want to use pig manure as fertilizer, composting is an necessary process. It is the key to produce high quality organic fertilizer from pig dung. Generally speaking, there are two methods that can be used in pig waste fermentation. Aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation. However, compared with aerobic fermentation, anaerobic fermentation produces less energy and is usually prone to odor. So we recommend you prepare pig waste compost with aerobic fermentation method.

Aerobic fermentation, as the name suggests, is a process which composts pig litter by consuming oxygen. In this process, oxygen will supply energy for the activity of microorganisms in manure. Then the activity of these microorganisms will generate heat, so the temperature of pig poop will continuously increase. When it is higher than 60℃, it can kill the harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in pig manure. Therefore, pig manure can be used as fertilizer successfully.


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What is the Capacity of Pig Manure Compost Machine from SX?

Organic fertilizer composting machine is widely used in manure fermentation for pig farmers. Because it can help you facilitate compost process to kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in pig manure. This makes it more suitable for organic fertilizer making. Therefore, composting equipment play an important role in pig litter management. Then how much pig waste can SX compost machine processing? In order to meet different requirements of capacity from customers, we especially different types of fertilizer composters for your choice. Whether you want to make pig dung composting in a small, medium or large scale, they can fully meet your needs.

How to Do Large Scale Pig Manure Composting Effectively

For large scale composting operations of pig manure, SX has large composting equipment for sale. So, we will recommend you to use our wheel type compost machine in your pig manure composting system. By using these professional pig manure composting machine, you can compost pig manure in a large volume with high working efficiency. The wheel type compost turner from our company is fully automatic equipment.

wheel type compost turner for pig waste
groove type compost turner for pig manure

Groove Type Compost Turner for Small or Medium Scale Fermentation of Pig Manure

If you are desirous of make trench composting of organic fertilizer in a smaller scale, you can buy groove type compost turning equipment. The turning width of it is 2-5 m and the turning depth is 0.8-1.5 m. It is a basic type of trench working compost turner. It mainly uses stirring teeth to turn organic raw material and this stirring teeth can lift freely. So you can complete the groove changing quickly and easily.

Windrow Compost Turning Machine for Pig Litter Fermentation Making on the Ground

If you don’t want to build fertilizer fermentation groove, you can choose windrow compost method. During this process, the organic materials will be piled into windrows, whose sections are trapezoidal or triangular. And then using windrow compost turner to turn them to speed up compost. For this, SX can offer you crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turning equipment. This kind of fertilizer compost turning machine is controlled by control rods or steering wheel. Only one worker, you can compost a large amount of organic waste.

How to Compost Pig Manure Fast

If you want to compost pig manure quickly, our pig waste fermentation tank is suit for you to improve working efficiency in pig manure composting systems. This is an in-vessel composting equipment in pig manure making process. You can put your pig wastes in this compost bin for quick fermentation. During the composting process, this composter can control the aeration, temperature, agitation automatically. Generally speaking, it only needs 10 hours to finish the pig manure harmfuless process. Besides, this composting equipment for pig manure disposal occupy less space in your pig farm.

How to Compost Pig Manure into Powdery Fertilizer?

For your pig waste management, the best way is to convert pig manure into organic fertilizer. If you are not familiar with composting work and need to learn the best way to compost pig manure in your pig farm, just feel free to contact us. As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, SX can help you design and manage a pig manure composting system to compost pig manure easily. If you want to make powdery organic fertilizer from pig waste, the following making process may help you finish it.

compost pig manure into powdery fertilizer

Commercial Pig Manure Compost Production Line

This production line is designed to make pig manure compost into granules for commercial purpose. It is mainly consist by the fermentation system, batching system, pulverizing system, mixing system, granulation system, drying system, dust removal system, screening system, and finished product packing system. If you have any requirements about this production line, it can be customized for you.

How Long Does it Take to Compost Pig Manure with SX Composting Machine?

Like most natural processes, pig manure composting also needs time. But to be honest, the finished product is worth the wait. With SX pig manure composting machine, you can finish the compost work about 15-20 days. You can also speed the composting process by using the following composting tips in your pig manure composting systems:

How Do you Judge if Pig Manure is Fermented Completely?

In generally, the pig manure composting machine begin to stir to compost piles when its temperature reach 50℃. When the temperature of compost pile is rising all the time, it needs to turn them once a day. If the temperature drop to 30℃~ 45℃, the less times you should do turning work. During this fermentation process, you can turn the piles once every three to five days. Here, you can use a thermometer to watch the change of compost temperature. When the temperature doesn’t go up and stable enough, the fermentation is done and do not need turning any more. Then, its color looks black and brown, manure is fully composted. Here is a easy- operated windrow compost turner for sale for your pig manure composting work.

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