Powdery organic fertilizer production is the simplest method to make animal manure into organic fertilizer. Only need four steps, you can get high quality powdery organic fertilizer. The simple configuration is the reason why this fertilizer manufacturing line is popular with organic fertilizer supplier. At the same time, a customer from Vietnam wanted to make organic powder fertilizer. But he didn’t know what the relevant equipment was. For this, the following are the detailed discussion information in this case:

powdery organic fertilizer making line in Vietnam

Powdery organic fertilizer production line

  • 1

    Capacity: 1-20 t/h

  • 2

    Area: 800-5000㎡

  • 3

    Budget: $35,000-$90,000

  • 4

    Equipment: Compost turner, load type feeder, vertical type crusher, powder screening machine, bagging machine and conveyor belt

What do you need to do before making powdery organic fertilizer?

This Vietnamese client didn’t know what the first step was. Actually, before preparing powder organic fertilizer, there is a necessary step required, it is fertilizer compost and fermentation. During this process, microorganism in manure material will decompose organic matters and generate high temperature to kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds. So animal waste will no longer produce odor and endanger the health of animals and humans. In this way, it is suitable for organic fertilizer making. But how to make organic compost well? SX compost machine can help you a lot. It can keep the temperature of organic material at 65-70℃, which is the optimum temperature for fertilize fermentation. And we design various compost machines for your choice.

Large scale fertilizer compost machine

If you have a large scale composting, we will recommend you wheel type compost turner. Because it can process fertilizer compost in the fermentation groove with a width of 10-30 m and a depth of 1-3 m. Which is higher than other organic fertilizer compost turners. In addition, we replace single turning wheel with double turning wheels. In this way, it can provide you with a better fermentation effect of your large scale organic manure processing.

large scale wheel type compost turner machine
small scale windrow composting equipment

Small scale fertilizer fermentation equipment

But when you plan to prepare organic fertilizer in a small scale, windrow compost turner is more suitable for you. In general, they can process 500-1500 ㎡ of organic material long windrows per hour. Moreover, it adopts the ground windrow fermentation method, which can greatly reduce the cost of infrastructure and human resources.

Faster fertilizer fermentation tank

Moreover, you can choose organic fertilizer fermentation tank, which is suitable for faster organic fertilizer compost making small space manure fermentation. It usually starts composting in a closed environment, which can isolate the outside world influences. Using it, you can complete the harmless process of organic litter within 10 hours. What’s more, we especially equip it with gas treatment system, which can meet your requirements for environmentally friendly compost manufacturing.

What other equipment is required for powdery organic fertilizer making?

How to prepare organic powder fertilizer? This customer from Vietnam asked us what other powder making machines can be used? They are two things you must know when you plan to make farm waste into powder fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX design various powder fertilizer making lines for your choice. And in general, a complete powder manufacturing system consists of the following machines:

powder organic fertilizer making line in Vietnam

Firstly, you need to transport compost to load type feeder, which can feed fertilizer making material effectively. For one thing, steel mesh at the inlet can filter large rocks and branches to improve purity of final powder. For another, its belt conveyor can not only withstand the impact of falling materials, but also adjust the material conveying speed according to your needs. So you can produce quality powder fertilizer smoothly.

In the whole sets of powder production equipment, the most important one is crusher It is used to convert manure into fine powder. And if your material has a high water content, we recommend you buy new type vertical crusher and semi-wet material grinder.

Can we package fertilizer powder directly after crushing? No fertilizer crushing is not the end. In order to prepare better powder fertilizer, you need to add a powder screener after manure shredder. Rotary screening equipment will further remove waste from fine powder.

Finally, you can pack dairy manure powdery fertilizer with automatic bagging machine. According to your capacity, we can offer you single / double buckets fertilizer bagging machines and ton fertilizer packaging scale.

How to remove excessive moisture from manure for powder fertilizer production?

This customer prepared to use cow dung as material, so he wanted to know the way for removing excessive moisture from cow manure.

Fresh cow manure is a mixture of solid and urine. But in powder organic fertilizer production, the main material is solid manure. So you need to dry cow manure first. In addition, in order to start the next step – composting, it is advisable to reduce the moisture content of dairy manure to 60%. Therefore, manure dewatering machine is necessary for manure fertilizer preparation. There are two dewatering machines for your choice. Solid liquid separator and inclined screen dewatering machine.

dewatering machine in powder organic fertilizer making plant

What is the price of powdery organic fertilizer production line?

Finally, customer from Vietnam wanted to further understand us. Why does him choose SX? SX powder fertilizer making line is an ideal choice for turning manure into organic fertilizer at a low cost. Then what is the precise quote of powder making machines? Usually, the cost of powder manufacturing project is not fixed. It is related to many factors including capacity, fertilizer equipment manufacturer, etc.

1-5 t/h powder fertilizer preparation line

Prices of different capacities organic powder fertilizer production systems

Generally, the larger the capacity, the higher the cost. So the price of a 1-5 t/h powder fertilizer preparation line is $35,000-$45,000. When the output increases to 5-10 t/h, you need to prepare $45,000-$65,000. How about 10-20 t/h? Its cost is between $65,000-$95,000.

Why SX can provide you with powder fertilizer making line economically?

For one thing,we are the source factory for fertilizer equipment manufacturing. There is no extra charge during powder fertilizer making machine buying. For another, we have been focusing on the production of fertilizer equipment for nearly 20 years. We adopt advanced technology and equipment. So we have the strength to offer you quality powder fertilizer production machine at a favourable price.

YUSHUNXIN powder organic fertilizer making machine factory

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