The new type stirring granulator production line is a granulation fertilizer making plant based on a new organic fertilizer granulator. Furthermore, the granulation of this production line makes the granulation rate of the granules higher, the granules are more beautiful, and save energy at the same time. Its production process is still slightly different from the ordinary organic fertilizer granulation production line.Then this difference makes the granulation effect better. If you want to know more, please continue reading.


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Process for new organic fertilizer granulation production line

The production process of the new organic fertilizer granulation production line is very particular about the details. In addition, it can ensure the fertilizer efficiency of the granules to the greatest extent.

new type stirring fertilizer making plant

First, you can ferment and decompose the fertilizer to make it warm up quickly. Let the fertilizer reach a state where you can pelletize it.

Next, screening. You need to screen out some unnecessary materials, such as stones, iron blocks, etc. Because if this step is missing, you will reduce the granulation efficiency and damage the machine .

Then, you can crush and mix the material. The feed particle size of this production line is 50 mesh. Moreover, if it exceeds this number, it means that the material is too large and you need to crush to have better fertilizer efficiency. The new organic fertilizer granulator requires 50% fertilizer moisture for granulation, and 30-40% moisture before granulation. Therefore, you can add water to the mixer for subsequent granulation.

In addition, granulate with a new type of organic fertilizer machine. Through the observation window, you can always pay attention to the granulation status.

Finally, you can dry and cool. Drying will produce waste gas, and you need to configure a dust collector to purify the air. The following that you can directly package.

Agglomerate wet granulation for new type stirring granulator production line

The main working mode of the new type stirring granulator production line is granulation for wet granulation.

  • The new organic fertilizer granulator is the main equipment of this production line. Furthermore, through a certain amount of water or steam, reacting the basic fertilizer fully chemically after adjusting the humidity in the cylinder.

  • Under certain liquid phase conditions, with the help of the rotating motion of the cylinder, the extrusion force between the material particles is agglomerated into balls.

  • The most important thing is that the barrel of the machine is lined with a special rubber plate or an acid-resistant stainless steel liner to prevent corrosion of the barrel wall and waste of materials. Cancelling the traditional scraper device.

  • You need to consider the main equipment of this production line so thoughtful in details, so the effect of the particles produced by the whole production line will be very good.

What role does the rounding machine play in the new organic fertilizer production line?

After granulating through the new organic fertilizer granulation production line, if you have higher requirements for the appearance of the granules, you can equip a rounding machine.

Using the rounding machine in the shaping process after extrusion and granulation of various organic fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizers. Then two-stage or three-stage throwing discs are available. In addition, the round throwing machine has a high output and you can flexibly arrange in the process. Furthermore, you can use it with the new organic fertilizer granulator at the same time, which can solve the disadvantages of complicated process and inconsistent quality of finished products caused by a single granulator must configure a single rounding machine.

rounding machine for new type organic fertilizer plant

The round throwing machine is composed of two or three round throwing cylinders arranged in sequence. Therefore, after rounding the material  several times, the finished product discharges from the discharge port. In addition, the particle size of the finished product is consistent, round and smooth, and the finished product rate is as high as 97%. After that, a small amount of fertilizer falls from the edge gap of the organic fertilizer round machine and flows out along the waste port.

The rounding machine improves the overall effect of the fertilizer and makes the fertilizer produced by the production line more perfect.

What aspects will affect the new organic fertilizer granulation production line discharging?

If discharging the production line is not smoothly , it will affect the production rate of the entire production line and increase the corresponding cost. What aspects will affect the nesting?

Why you really buy a new organic fertilizer production line?

Design for the new organic fertilizer production line

Our company has a special set of plans for the overall layout planning of the production line.

  • An engineer will come to the site to draw a design drawing for layout according to the actual situation.

  • Then arrange it reasonably according to the size of the site and the purchase of equipment. The number of personnel required for the facility will also be stated.

  • The company will send a professional installation team to install the equipment.

  • There is also high-quality after-sales service to help you solve problems at all times.

Therefore, if you buy our company’s new organic fertilizer granulation production line, you don’t have to worry about follow-up problems at all. Then we will arrange it for you.