The flat die pelleting machine uses extrusion rollers and molds to extrude.It is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation.Before granulating, you do not need to dry and crush the raw material.The columnar particles can process directly through batching.Save a lot of energy.You can configure a variety of molds to produce columnar particles with a diameter of 2-8mm to meet different needs. If you want to know more information for details,please continue to reading it.


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4 reasons for buying our flat die pelleting machine

The flat die granulator has advanced structure and reliable quality. And it can adapt to 24-hour continuous production. The flat die and roller of the flat die granulator adopt a thread gap adjustment device to reduce the excessive wear of the flat die and roller. In addition,it increases the service life by 20% compared with the traditional method of adjusting the gap between the flat die and the roller gasket.

The flat die pelleting machine has low investment, short equipment process and less land occupation. It is flexible to install and easy to operate. It adopts low-temperature extrusion and cutting granulation technology below 60 ℃. And the granulation rate is over 90% at one time, without returning material or sifting powder. The flat die pelleting machine has proper moisture content and you do not need to buy a drying equipment . After the finished granules from the flat die granulator,you can cool them naturally . You can measure and package them, and the finished product rate of the granules fully meets the requirements.

The flat-die pelleting machine can easily granulate powdery fertilizers that are coarse or fine. Not only the effect is good but also the particles are hard, ideal equipment for fertilizer manufacturers.

The flat die granulator is suitable for all powdery products that cannot granulate through other granulation machines.

flat die pelleting machine

How does a flat die pelleting machine produce high quality fertilizer?

If you want to produce high-quality fertilizer in your plant, you can solve it effectively by starting from the equipment itself.

  • The new machine needs running-in, and only running-in well is the prerequisite for making high-quality pellet feed.

  • You should adjust the position of the cutter, control the length of the particles, and make the particle size you need.

  • You cannot need to dry and pulverize before granulation, and you can pack directly after granulation.

  • In order to keep the fertilizer in a good state when it is finally sold. If the moisture does not meet the your requirements after granulation,you need to configure a dryer. Prevent the fertilizer from becoming moldy due to the large amount of moisture placed in the warehouse.

If you use a flat die granulator to granulate how to adjust the shape of the granules?

For organic fertilizer products, the market needs more spherical particle shapes. The shape of the fertilizer produced by the flat die granulator is columnar. If you want to adjust the shape of the granules before packaging, you can use the method of shaping the columnar granules into round granules through a polishing machine. We can spray water and humidify the material during the rounding process. It softens the particles and deforms them into round particles. For materials, this will lead to an increase in moisture content. And it may be necessary to add dryer and cooling equipment in the subsequent process. Furthermore, the cost will increase accordingly. But this is undoubtedly an effective way to produce granular organic fertilizer products.

The core principle of flat die granulation machine

granular for flat die granulator


The core of the principle of the flat die granulator is extrusion. When working, it presses the material into the hole of the mold plate through the continuous rotation of the pressure roller. Thus forming a long strip. Under the action of the cutter, this equipment cut it into columnar particles of suitable length. Both the die plate and the rollers treat heat.

So that their surfaces are hard-wearing and easy to use, prolonging the life of these wearing parts. You can customize the hole diameter of the mold plate according to the needs of the finished pellets to meet the diverse needs of each product.

8-10% moisture of fertilizer can be produced by flat die pelleting machine

Compared with the way of adding water for granulation, the flat die extrusion granulation method does not have high requirements on the moisture content of the material. Usually it is more appropriate to control moisture at 8%~10%. If the moisture content is too low, your materials will not be well bonded together. And even if they form particles, they will easily fall apart. When the moisture content is too high, your material is easy to be squeezed into agglomerates, which will block the mesh. And it also cannot form particles well.

Precautions for operation of flat die pelleting machine

Some problems may be encountered when you use our flat die granulator. Below I will give some precautions for your reference.

  • Before starting the machine,you need to check whether there is any debris in the machine.

  • Then you should check whether all parts of the machine are normal.

  • After the machine is started, you must check that the direction of rotation is correct. If it rotates in the opposite direction,you need to stop and adjust immediately. Confirm that the rotation is smooth,no noise, and no friction sound before starting production.

  • You need to strictly forbid to enter the machine with iron, stone, wood and other sundries to prevent damage to the equipment.

  • During granulation, you should strictly forbid for the pressure roller to contact the template and run idle.

  • If crushing or compacting the granules, you need to reduce the formula of crude fiber materials less than 50% .

  • If there is no granulation or material discharge during granulation, you must remove the template , and after opening holes one by one, add some fiber materials appropriately to restart the machine for granulation.

  • You must always check the tightness of the belt, and replace the oil seal in time if there is oil leakage in the gearbox.