Groove type compost turner is widely used in organic fertilizer composting. Because it has characteristic of aerobic fermentation, shorter composting time and high automatic control. In this way, you can compost organic materials and eliminate harmful substances quickly and easily. Moreover, in order to meet the different requirements of customers, we especially design various groove type compost turners for your choice.

If you want to further process compost into organic fertilizer, we can offer you suitable organic fertilizer production projects. We will try our best to help you start fertilizer production smoothly.


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Why Does Groove Type Compost Turner Play an Important Role in Better Organic Fertilizer Fermentation?

When you start organic fertilizer composting, what kind of compost equipment do you want to buy? Fast composting? Automatic? SX groove type compost equipment can fully meet your requirements. Therefore, groove type compost turner is a perfect choice for you to facilitate the composting of organic waste.

Fully Automatic Composting System

When you want to improve organic waste composting efficiency, the best way is purchasing a full automatic compost system. Here, groove type compost system is the optimal choice for you. It adopts a computer control system, which makes the whole aerobic fermentation process work without worker operations. Including oxygen supply, mixing, deodorization, discharge,etc.

groove type compost turner

S o only needs 1-2 workers to feed materials, it can prepare a large amount organic litter into compost fertilizer. And you don’t have to worry about multi-tank conversion, we have automatic transfer carts to help multi-tank fermentation.

Fast Composting

Fast Composting

Composting time is an item all fertilizer manufacturers focus on. In natural conditions, composting will take 2-3 months. How to decompose organic fertilizer quickly? You can choose our groove type composter directly. Using it, you can finish the harmless process of organic manure within a cycle of 15-20 days. Because the outlets are opened at both ends of the composting site, the efficiency is higher in the multi-tank fermentation process.

I n addition, a lot of small holes are arranged under the fermentation site to continuously aerate oxygen during the composting process to further promote the fermentation speed.

What is the Cost of an Organic Fertilizer Groove Type Compost Turner?

When you want to buy a groove type compost turner, the price is an item you must pay attention to. The price of fertilizer composting equipment is affected by many factors, especially configuration. Our groove type compost facility adopts many advanced technologies, which are beneficial for better organic waste composting. Such as spray bacteria, oxygen monitor, multi-tank fermentation, full automation control, etc. Therefore, when you plan to start groove type composting, you need to prepare $ 8,000-$14,000.

How to Further Make Organic Fertilizer After Composting?

If you want to get qualified fertilizer and make more profits, you can further process compost into organic fertilizer. In general, after groove type composting, you can choose to make compost into two forms of organic fertilizer. Powder organic fertilizer or organic fertilizer granule. For this, we can provide professional organic fertilizer manufacturing plans.

Powder Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plan

When you want to make compost into organic fertilizer in a simple way. It is an ideal choice to process compost into powder organic fertilizer. Only needs loader type feeder, crusher, powder screening machine, powder packaging equipment and belt conveyor. You can process compost into quality powdery organic fertilizer. It also has characteristics of low investment, less space occupation, easy operation, etc. So it is the most cost-effective organic fertilizer making line in the market. For example, if you want to buy a 5 t/h powder fertilizer production system (including composter), you only need to prepare $45,000 and an 1500㎡ area for it.

Granular Organic Fertilizer Production Project

Compared to powder organic fertilizer making, granular organic fertilizer production project has a more complicated process. Besides, composting machine, it also needs batching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, granular screener, dryer, cooler, coating equipment, granule bagging machine and belt conveyor. They can help you turn compost into quality granular organic fertilizer, which has a higher competitiveness in the market. Because granule fertilizer is more convenient to transport, store and use, which is favored by fertilizer manufacturer. Therefore, this fertilizer manufacturing system can help you make profits in a shorter time, even less than one year.

Groove Type Compost Turner VS Crawler Type Compost Turner

In the production process of organic fertilizer, the core process is aerobic fermentation, and the key equipment is the composting machine. So what is the difference between the groove type compost turner and the crawler type compost turner?

Groove Type Compost Turner to Compost

The groove type composting machine literally means to build a groove for fermentation. If you want to produce organic fertilizer, you have to turn it over in multiple fermentation grooves to reach a productive state. Compared with the crawler type compost turner, the height of the raw materials that can be stacked in the groove is higher.

groove type compost equipment
crawler type compost machine

Crawler Type Compost Turner for Fermentation

The windrow compost equipment does not need to build grooves for fermentation, but only needs to pile up the materials in advance on the flat ground for composting. In this way, the investment is small and a part of the infrastructure cost is saved. However, this equipment requires a worker to operate and drive, and the corresponding labor costs you should plan. And the price of this equipment is between $11,550-$65,480 with different models, you can choose according to your needs.

Based on the brief introduction to the two equipment above, they each have their own benefits and there are parts that need to be planned in advance. You can choose according to your needs in your production line.

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