Agricultural development in India has always been a key national project. Therefore, fertilizer is essential as a material that provides nutrients for crops. And the fertilizer rich in phosphate is the most widely used. For this, there are so many customers who  inquire about the production of compound phosphatic fertilizer. On 11th December 2023, a customer from Dubai contacted us for compound phosphatic fertilizer making line machine. This customer told us that he plans to use MAP, Triple superphosphate and DAP as raw materials to make compound fertilizer. And the expected capacity is 500 t/d. The following are the detailed information in this case:

Can your machine produce compound phosphate fertilizer?

The customer from India wanted to make compound phosphatic fertilizer from MAP, Triple superphosphate and DAP. Our equipment is an excellent choice for processing them into fertilizer. Because our fertilizer equipment has high adaptability. It can be used in the compound fertilizer production of different concentrations and different scales. Even you want to make organic fertilizer, NPK fertilizer or BB fertilizer, we also can provide you with suitable fertilizer machines.

Which pelletizer you recommend for compound phosphate fertilizer making?

This Indian’s customer would like to make compound phosphatic fertilizer into granules. So he wanted to know which granulating machine is more suitable. In order to meet his requirement of compound fertilizer making, we offer you three types of pelletizer. Pan granulator, rotary drum granulating equipment and double rollers extrusion pelletizer.

If you want to use liquid as binder during fertilizer preparation. the first two granulators are both suitable for you. But when the moisture content of your material is below 10%, double roller granulator is your best choice. But for the fertilizer supplier from India, large capacity granulating machine is better option. As mentioned above, the expected output of his compound phosphatic fertilizer plant is 500 tons per day.

And he hoped the compound phosphatic fertilizer production line can operate for 2 shits per day and 10 hours per shift. So the capacity of granulator needs to reach 25 t/h. Because the largest capacity of pan granulator and double roller pelletizer only reach 6 t/h. We recommended him rotary drum pelletizer SXZGZ-3210. Which can produce 15-30 tons of compound phosphatic fertilizer per hour.

How to realize the automatic batching in the production of compound phosphate fertilizer?

automatic batching machine for compound phosphatic fertilizer making

The India’s customer wanted to realize auto batching in the process of compound phosphatic fertilizer making. Our dynamic automatic batching machine can meet the requirement. It is usually measured by electronic belt scale or nuclear scale. In addition, the host has PID regulation and alarm function. Therefore, you can realize the automatic control of dosing by using it. And it is suitable for the site of continuous compound fertilizer production.

What is the price of 500 t/d compound phosphate fertilizer making project?

Finally, the India’s customer required the quote of the compound phosphatic fertilizer production line. Because the price of fertilizer production line changes with configuration and capacity. So the payments of different fertilizer production lines are different. But we can provide you with high quality fertilizer making equipment at an ideal price. Because YSX fertilizer machinery is a source manufacturer of fertilizer equipment, so there is no extra charge. And we can design the fertilizer preparation plan according to your requirements.

The above are details about our communication with the customer from India. Expect  compound phosphatic fertilizer production line, we also can provide you with many other fertilizer making lines. Such as NPK fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production project, chicken manure composting system, etc. If you are interested in them, please contact us immediately.

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