NPK granulator cost is the most factor for NPK fertilizer manufacturer. It influences their profits. But different types of granulation machines’ price is not same, because of their capacity, model, technology and material, etc. For this, SX, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, specially design NPK granulators suitable for different requirements to meet customer. In addition, if you need details of the expense of parts and drawing, etc, we can also sent you information all you want to know. Welcome to contact us immediately.


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How Many Types of Granulators Can be Used in NPK Compound Fertilizer Production?

rotary drum granulation machine

Rotary Drum Granulation Machine

You can use this rotary drum granulator machine for large scale NPK compound fertilizer production. This machine is widely available in 1-30 tons per hour compound fertilizer manufacturing plant. There is a rubber inner lining in the rotary drum of the pelletizer machine which can avoid the materials corrosion.

disc pelletizer

Disc Granulator

This pan granulation can produce 1-6 t/h NPK fertilizer with 5-8 minutes. And the particles size of crushed material to be fed to this granulator is about 50 mesh. What’s more, its granulation rate is 93%, which can meet your small scale NPK fertilizer production.

roller granulation machine

Double Roller Press Granulator

The extrusion granulation adopts dry granulation method to make 2-3 t/h NPK granules. The hardness of these pellets is 15-20N. And if you use it to make fertilizer, the moisture of NPK material need to get 5-10%. For this, the final granules ‘size is about 3-10mm.

rotary drum churning pelletizer

Rotary Drum Churning Machine

It is new designed two in one NPK compound fertilizer granulator. It overcomes the disadvantages of drum granulator and rotary gear drum granulator. You can get round-shape and hard NPK fertilizer granules through using this machine.

The above granulator you can all produce NPK granules. And SX, as a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, can provide you with suitable NPK granulators. Contact us immediately!

What is the Price of Making NPK Fertilizer with Wet Granulation Process?

There are three NPK granulators adopt wet granulation method. Because of the difference of capacity and model, these granulation machines’ price is also different.

Wet NPK Fertilizer Granulator

The Cost of Large Scale Wet NPK Fertilizer Pelletizer

Rotary drum granulator is suitable for making large scale NPK compound fertilizer granules. For this, 1-30 t/h rotary drum granulation plant can help you achieve it. But how much does this machine if you want to buy? About $10,000-$30,000. This price is a reference for you. Because accompanied by the different model SXZGZ-1240, 1560, 1870, 2080, 3210, their price is not same.

The Price of Wet Granulator for Small Scale Compound Fertilizer Pellets Production

If you want to make small scale NPK fertilizer, pan granulation and stirring tooth granulator are suitable for you. They are applicable to 1-6 t/h pan granulation plant and 5-8 t/h stirring tooth granulation plant. For this, buying disc granualtor and rotary drum churning machine need about $1,000-$12,000 and $25,000-$29,000. Due to large scale NPK fertilizer production, you can configure 2 or 3 granulators in your factory.

disc granualtor

rotary drum churning machine

How Much Does Dry NPK Compound Fertilizer Pellets Production?

From the above, we know about one type of dry NPK fertilizer granulator. Extrusion granulation.

This machine adopts dry granulation method, which reduce the cost of drying and cooling. In general, the price of double roller granulator is $2,700-$6,600. And its small footprint makes it suitable for NPK fertilizer manufacturers with small factory areas. You can get the latest price of double roller pelletizer from us.

The above prices are just for your reference. When purchasing the dry and wet fertilizer granulator machine, you can select SX. Our salesmen will make the newest quotation for you. What’s more, we can send you the machine working video and finished fertilizer products to you. What you should notice is the materials type will affect the granulation effect. Therefore, you can send the materials sample to us. We will test the granulation effect for you.

As mentioned at the beginning. there are many factors that will affect the price of NPK compound fertilizer pelletizer. Then, what are these aspects? They can be divided into three classifications: granulation technology, granulation machine model and granulator manufacturer.

Wet or Dry Granulation Technology

You can apply wet or granulation technology to produce the NPK fertilizer. When applying different technologies, the machines you use are also different. Therefore, the price of granulation machine changes as its types.

Large or Small Scale Granulation Equipment

When buying the fertilizer granulator machine, it is important to figure out the production capacity of NPK compound fertilizer. Because the price of NPK fertilizer fertilizer granulation machine is related to its capacity in some extent.

Credible Granulator Manufacturer

There are many manufacturer of NPK compound fertilizer granulator in the market. In order to get quality pelletizer, you need to find a credible and qualified manufacturer. Their granulation machine price might affordable.

Where can Provide you Reasonable Price of NPK Granulator?

Qualified Manufacturer

As mentioned above, SX NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment will be your best choice when select the machine. We are a fertilizer pelletizer manufacturer with the history of over 15 years. We have have a professional and experienced team. Therefore, we have great advantages in controlling granulator product quality & delivery time.

Best After-Sale Service

At the same time, you can get the best after-sale service from us. For example, you meet some trouble when using the NPK fertilizer pellet machine. We will prepare the English manual book and video in advance for you. These things will show how to resolve related problems when operating the granulators. If necessary, we will dispatch our engineer to your factory.

Provide Factory Tour

We have a specialized factory to make all kinds of fertilizer production equipment. Therefore, it is available for you to visit our fertilizer granulator production site. What’s more, you can test the granulation effect of the machine before finishing the deal. If it is not convenient for you, we can send the granulation machine working video to you. Then, you can send your materials to us. We will test the granulation machine by using them.

Professional NPK compound fertilizer granules making machines are for sale in SX machinery inquiry now. You will get them at the perfect cost. Please contact us freely if you are interested in our NPK granulation equipment.

Why Does Customer Choose SX NPK Granulator?

SX company promises to provide customers with quality and high-efficiency NPK compound fertilizer granulation machines. Our fertilizer pellet making machine has been sold all over the word. Whats more, they are highly praised by most of compound fertilizer manufacturers.You can know the characteristics and advantages of SX compound fertilizer granulator equipment from the following.

Because there are many fertilizer manufacturers with different production capacities, we design the granulator machine in various capacities. Whether small or large scale compound fertilizer processing plant, the customer can get the ideal granulation machine from our company. You can find fertilizer pellet machine with production capacity from 1 t/h to 30 t/h in SX machinery.

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