When you plan to invest an NPK fertilizer plant, cost plays an important role in this project. Because it will influence your fertilizer production scale, equipment choice and factory area,etc. Hence, as a professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, SX can provide you with the most suitable fertilizer production project according to your NPK fertilizer manufacturing line cost. In addition, if you need details of the expense of the labor force, factory area, energy consumption, etc, we can also send you information all you want to know. Welcome to contact us immediately.


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How Do you Select the Ideal NPK Fertilizer Machine Manufacturer?

For arranging the investment cost of the NPK fertilizer plant, you should select the fertilizer equipment makers strictly. When selecting we suggest you consider it from three aspects. The details are as follows.

NPK Fertilizer Equipment Price

The fertilizer equipment price must be one aspect of your greatest concern. When selecting the NPK fertilizer production machines, you’d better compare the price from different fertilizer equipment factories. For example, the fertilizer granulation machine is over your budget. We recommend you to figure out why the price is high from the the machines performance and service.

The Quality of NPK Fertilizer Machine

Through the above, you can know the fertilizer machine price is related to its performance. Therefore, the quality of the machine is another factor which influences NPK fertilizer plant cost. You should the know about the composition materials of fertilizer making machine to measure the quality. Besides, you can also consider its working principle and structures.

Service for Buy SX ’s NPK Fertilizer Equipment

The service system can be a criteria when selecting the fertilizer equipment producers.You can consider it from aspects of the pre-sales, after-sales and deliver. What’s more, you should figure out whether they provide the technical support and on-site installation. These will directly affect the service life of your equipment. And it is related to whether your budget will increase.

What is the Cost of NPK Fertilizer Plant with Different Production Scale?

The different production scales of the NPK fertilizer plant will have the different budget. According to our years of experience, we can divide the production scale into two ranges of 1-10t/h and 10-20t/h. The following content can be your references.

1-10 T/H NPK Fertilizer Plant

Along with the production of NPK fertilizers in small scale, it will also be less costly. Hence, the cost of 1-10 t/h NPK fertilizer plant is $102,311-$213,310. For this, there are two ganulators for your choice. SXYZ-3600 Pan pelletizer and SXDG-2T double roller granulator. If you choose disc granulation machine, you need to dry and cool the final NPK fertilizer pellets. Because it adopts wet granulation process, removing the excessive moisture can be convenient for you to transport and storage. And 2 disc granulator can meet your capacity.

double roller granulation production plant for npk fertilizer production

Then when you select extrusion machine, you will be able to reduce your budget even more. Because this machine adopts dry granulation process, method, which processes NPK powder materials in a low moisture content condition (below 10%) all the time. Therefore, there is no need for drying machine and cooling equipment. And 4 extrusion machine in this plant can meet your output of NPK fertilizer.

In general, this system contains dynamic batching machine, cage crusher, double shafts horizontal mixer, double roller granulator or pan granulation and packing equipment.

10-20 T/H NPK Fertilizer Rotary Drum Granulation Line

If your budget is about $300,000-$450,000, you can produce 10-20 t/h NPK fertilizer. For this, rotary drum granulation line is an excellent option for effective large scale NPK fertilizer granule production. It uses rotary drum pelletizer. For one thing, it can prepare 1-30 tons of NPK compound fertilizer pellets per hour, which is far more than other NPK granulators. For another, it is designed with rubber lining, cleaning holes and stainless steel press stripes. Therefore, it can withstand the corrosion of large scale chemical materials processing.

What is the Design of Cost Fertilizer Blending System?

For different budget, we recommend you 2 types of capacity NPK fertilizer blending systems, which are popular with NPK fertilizer suppliers.

10 TPH NPK Fertilizer Blending System

1-10 T/H Fertilizer Blending System

Within $ 60,000 budget, you can choose to make 1-10 t/h NPK blending fertilizer. In this process, using chemical pellets as materials, only need three steps, you finish quality NPK fertilizer manufacturing. Batching, mixing and bagging. For this, we can offer you static batching machine, BB fertilizer mixer and automatic packaging scale and suitable conveyor.

20-40 T/H NPK Fertilizer Blending System

With $60,000- $150,000 budget, you can enlarge the NPK fertilizer blending system scale to 20-40 t/h. Correspondingly, the fertilizer equipment in this production line will be upgraded. It employs dynamic batching machine, rotary drum blender and double bucket automatic packaging scale. They have a large capacity and can help you produce bulk blending fertilizer more quickly.

20 TPH NPK Fertilizer Blending System

How to Choose the Right Production Site for Reducing the NPK Fertilizer Plant Cost?

The selection of the production sits will also affect the NPK fertilizer plant cost. For example, you choose the production site which is far away from the raw materials supplier. And the transportation charge will be increased. Therefore, you need to consider many aspects while selecting the production sites. You can refer to the following.

plant location for npk fertilizer production

The NPK fertilizer production be far away from villages, highways. The distance from the factory to the residential area is at least 500 meters. In this way, you can prevent the current living water source from pollution.

Your NPK fertilizer plant should be close to the supplier of raw materials. Otherwise, not only can you increase the transportation fee, but also quality of the raw materials will be reduced. Therefore, it is important to choose the right production sites.

The production capacity determine the site size of NPK fertilizer manufacturing line factory. Such as 1-10 t/h NPK fertilizer production, you need to expand the factory area to 800㎡-1440㎡. The capacity of 10-20 t/h for you needs 1500㎡-3000㎡ factory.

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