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Micronutrient fertilizer can not only provide micronutrient for crops, but also improve the ratio of elements in the soil to achieve the effect of preventing pests and diseases and increasing production. Therefore, micronutrient fertilizer is also favored by fertilizer manufacturers. But how to make micronutrient fertilizer? As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you with suitable fertilizer business plans. And we have had many successful cases.

For example, on 22nd February 2023, a client from Canada inquired about using stirring tooth fertilizer granulator to make micronutrient fertilizer. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.


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How to Make Micronutrient Fertilizer in Canada?

In order to help customer from Canada produce micronutrient fertilizer, we recommend him to make in the stirring tooth granualtion plant. Because this production line not only use stirring tooth fertilizer granulator to produce, but also meet customer’s capacity requirement.

If customer wants to produce good fertilizers, they need to pretreat the materials to meet the production standards. Therefore, he needs to dry the material to a state suitable for production first. Let these materials be dried in the drying tunnel at 90°C-120°C for 5-20 minutes. This makes subsequent processing easier.

After drying these materials, customer can put them into crusher to carry out grinder. Then the processed material is screened according to the specified mesh. The fineness of the screened material is 80-200 mesh.

Mix the above materials well by using a blender. And customers can add water to adjust the humidity of the mixture so that the moisture content is 3%-5%.

Granulate in the Stirring Tooth Granulation Machine

Customer from Canada can send the humidity-adjusted mixture into a stirring tooth granulator for granulation to obtain round granules.

Secondary Drying and Packaging

Customers can dry and pack the above granules at 30°C-50°C. Finally, finished granules are produced.

Which Equipment is Suitable for you to Produce Micronutrient Fertilizer Pellets?

stirring tooth granulator to make micronutrient fertilizer

Customer from Canada wanted to make 1-1.5 tons per hour micronutrient fertilizer. So we recommend him to choose stirring tooth fertilizer granulator. According to his capacity, he can choose this model – SXJZ-600. And this equipment granulates through the friction between the blade and the roller, which makes the granules have strong hardness and high quality.

Can we use disc granulator to pellet Micronutrient Fertilizer?

Of course. Disc granualtor is also suitable for small scale capacity production. What’s more, you can adjust the size of pellets through this machine. The greater the slope of the disc, the smaller the particles. The smaller the slope, the larger the particles. So you can adjust them according to your needs.

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