Double roller press granulator is the key equipment for fertilizer granulation. It has the advantages of mature technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novelty and practicality, and low energy consumption. In addition ,you can match it with corresponding equipment to form a small fertilizer production project, which can form a continuous and mechanized production with a certain production capacity.

This granulator adopts eugenic formula, no drying . It is produced at room temperature, and the product is rolled and formed at one time. The product quality meets the requirements of fertilizer technical indicators. Furthermore, it is an updated product for the production of high, medium and low concentration special fertilizers for various crops.


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Dry granulation for double roller press granulator VS wet granulation for drum granulator,which one do you want?

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Roller Granulation Machine

Roller granulator is suitable for dry granulation. By this way, after turning over and pulverizing, you can directly granulate. This granulation process has low cost and saves the cost of drying and cooling. In addition, this device is the prime choice for those customers who are on a lower budget.

Drum Granulator

Wet granulation requires a lot of moisture in the fertilizer, which is suitable for drum granulators. After granulation, due to the high moisture content, you cannot directly package the fertilizer. So you need to dry and cool the fertilizer. This situation increases costs, and the time to produce fertilizer will be longer and the efficiency will be greatly reduced. Therefore, you deserve to have a double-roll granulator.

rotary drum granulator and roller granulator

4 ways for you to produce high-quality granules with a double-roll press granulation machine

If you want to produce high-quality fertilizer, you must start with the equipment itself.At this time, the double roller granulator produced by our company can meet this requirement.

Why roll compacting is done for dry granulation?

To understand the process of dry granulation, you must first understand the working principle of its corresponding equipment. Below I will introduce the working principle of the roller granulator in detail.

The belt and pulley drive through the motor, transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer. In addition, the split gear synchronize with the driven shaft,  work in opposite directions. You can feed the material from the hopper, extrude through the pair of rollers, demold and pelletize. Furthermore, through a pair of chains, you can send it to the crushing and screening studio, where you can screen and separate the finished particles . Then you can mix the returned material with the new material, and then granulate. With the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of materials, you can realize mass production.

Judging from the above working principle, the double roller press granulator is suitable for the production of dry powder fertilizer. Therefore, it can better cooperate with the roller skin.

How to solve the problems that arise during the granulation process using the double-roll extrusion granulator?

During the granulation process, there may be problems with the pressure roller gap and the alignment of the ball and socket in the double-roll extrusion granulator. This is when you need to require adjustments.


The steps of rollers gap adjustment are as follows: you need to stop the machine, remove the glands at both ends of the driven shaft. In addition, you can turn the two eccentric sleeves inside to the same direction, one position at a time. The rollers should not collide with each other between the two rollers. And you should keep between 0.3-1mm.

5 reasons to make you convince to choose our double roller granulator

Double-roller extrusion granulation is the granulation of materials at room temperature. Compared with other methods, drying measures such as fuel oil and gas are not required.

You only need to use the intermolecular force of the material itself, which simplifies the process and reduces energy consumption.

Due to the omission of the drying process and the low return ratio (accounting for about 15% of the total feed volume of the extruder), the process is simple and you can invest lowly.

There is a wide range of raw material routes for roller extrusion granulation. There are more than 20 kinds of materials that have been successfully used for extrusion granulation: ammonium nitrate, potassium sulfate, etc. In addition, the extrusion granulation process can flexibly realize the replacement of product formulas in a very short period of time. And a set of equipment can produce more than 30 formulas of products.

The capacity consumed by roller extrusion granulation is only electricity. Environmental protection has no discharge of three wastes, which is in line with the country’s basic national policy on environmental protection. And it also in line with the development strategy of our company’s environmental protection.

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Satisfactory compaction granulation services

If you buy our company’s double-roll granulator, we will serve you all the way. You don’t have to worry about any problems before and after the purchase.

  • First, you communicate with us to understand the specific requirements for the equipment. We have professional engineers to give reasonable solutions according to your needs.

  • Secondly, we will deliver the goods with quality and quantity within the stipulated time without any delay, except in special circumstances.

  • Then, after you get the equipment, we will have a professional installation team to install it on site. Debug to stable production.

  • Finally, if you have any questions later, you can contact the after-sales engineer. They will solve your problems for you.