Oil water separator is a key food waste processing equipment of oily water filtration system. It can adjust the moisture content of food waste to a proper level, so that you can compost organic fertilizer quickly and easily. And in order to fully meet your requirements, we especially design a type of suitable oil water separator filter according to food waste for your choice. Besides, even if you want to further process disposed food waste into organic fertilizer, we also can design fertilizer production projects according to your actual conditions.


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Why We Need to Use Oily Water Filtration System to Dispose of Food Waste?

Food waste is also the most common material for organic fertilizer manufacturing, because it contains rich nutrients which are beneficial for the growth of crops and plants. But when you use fresh food waste as fertilizer, it is necessary to remove excessive water from food waste and compost them. Why? In general, there are three reasons as follows:

Making Food Waste Suitable for Organic Fertilizer Production

The reason why we cannot use food waste as fertilizer directly is that it contains many pathogens, pest eggs and grass seeds. They are harmful to the soil and will affect the healthy growth of crops. What’s more, they are encroachment on a large amount of land resources. So you need to compost food waste before preparing organic fertilizer. In this process, it is essential to control the moisture content of food waste between 40% and 60%. Which can meet the needs of water supply for aerobic fermentation and will not block the transport of oxygen.

transportation for disposed fertilizer

Making Food Waste Easy to Transport

In addition, fresh food waste is a mixture of liquid and solids-oil&water, So it is not convenient to transport to composting area. After processing with oil water separator, the solid oil will be separated from liquid water and its moisture content can be reduced to 30%-40%. Only by driving forklifts can you transport disposed food waste to fertilizer composting area quickly and easily. Furthermore, there will be no leakage of swill during transportation.

How Does Oil Water Separator Work?

Our oil water separator equipment has an electrical control system, which makes itself easy to operate. This will makes you freely start and stop the host and pump. Therefore, only by employing one worker can it complete the whole food waste dehydration process.

After set in motion, pour the food waste to be processed directly into the oil-water separator. Here, we especially design inlet and overflow outlet for feeding food waste into separator more smoothly.

After feeding, it will start separate the oil and water in the food waste with gravitational separation. The food waste oil and water enter the extraction cage under the action of the rotating shaft, and move towards the discharge port with the rotation of the rotating shaft. Under the extrusion of the rotating blades and the extraction cage, the moisture and oil in the garbage are squeezed out. The squeezed oil-water mixture flows along the liquid collecting plate to the filter box. The filter box further filters out the small solid particles of the mixed liquid, and the filtered oil and water flow to the adsorption box in the oil-water separation box. In the adsorption box, the effect of rapid stratification of oil and water can be achieved.

Finally, the disposed food waste will be discharged from the oil water separator. It not only separates oil and water, but also retains a certain amount of water in the processed food waste, which is suitable for subsequent production. This can help you make them into compost more smoothly.

oil water separator

How to Further Process Disposed Food Waste into Organic Fertilizer?

After oil water separation, can food waste be used as organic fertilizer directly? The answer is no. You need to further process it into compost. Because it still contains many pathogens, parasite eggs and grass seeds, which are harmful for the soil and not suitable for quality fertilizer production.Then, after food waste composting, there are two choices for you.

Making Compost into Powder Organic Fertilizer

Making Compost into Powder Organic Fertilizer

If you want to process food waste into organic fertilizer at a low cost, powder fertilizer making line is your best choice. It only contains several fertilizer machines. Including load type feeder, crusher, screener, packaging machine and belt conveyor. So it has characteristics of favourable price, small area occupation, high automation, etc. Then only need a low investment, you can make food waste compost into quality powder organic fertilizer.

Processing Compost into Granular Organic Fertilizer

In addition, when you want to make more profits from food waste fertilizer making, we also can provide you with compost granulation line. It will turn food waste compost into organic fertilizer pellets. Hence, it needs a more complex procedure. After converting food waste into powder organic fertilizer, it will further process it with mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, coating machine and bagging equipment. Therefore, the final organic fertilizer is more convenient to transport, store and use.

Processing Compost into Granular Organic Fertilizer

How to Maintain Oil Water Separator System for Long Service Life?

If you use this oil water separator for a long time, you must take good care of it to prolong its service life.

  • To extend the time period between cleanouts, place absorbent pads in the first chamber and replace when saturated with oil.

  • Do not allow oil emulsifiers such as antifreeze, degreasers, detergents, alcohol, or solvents to flow into the separator.

  • Regularly clean out collection trenches and catch basins.

  • We will also equip special small brushes to clean the entrance of food waste. Prevent food residues from rotting due to long-term uncleanliness, which will affect the use of equipment.

Our Oil Water Separator is Your Top Choice

In the whole world, we are noted as one of a trustworthy oil water filtration system suppliers. Up to now, our factory has forged a long partnership with multiple customers in diverse countries and regions, including India, Malaysia and South Africa. Our food waste oil water separation is highly acknowledged by overseas customers. Its has many outstanding features, such as stable performance, less malfunction rate and foolproof operation. If you have interest in our food waste oil water separator, please contact us to know more about it!

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