A Russian trading company sent an inquiry on January 31, 2024 for a quote on double wheels about a compost turner. According to the customer’s budget, he wanted to buy beams locally, but was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to match them. After discussing the detailed information, we recommended a small complete set of equipment for him. The following are the special communication in this case:


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What do you need to do for starting poultry manure composting?

This Russian customer told us that he wanted to dispose of poultry manure. Because according to Russian policy, it is prohibited to use manure directly back into the fields. So a composting machine is essential. But he didn’t know what need to do for starting poultry manure composting. The related information is as follow:

benefits of poultry manure composting

Why composting is the key to poultry manure treatment?

When you want to dispose of poultry manure, composting is necessary. Because poultry waste contains a large number of pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, etc. If you use it directly without treatment, it is likely to cause the spread of secondary diseases and seedlings to burn. For this, composting is the key to poultry manure treatment.

How to speed up poultry manure composting?

After understanding the importance of composting, the most important thing is to determine which composting equipment can speed up poultry manure composting. This customer from Russia wanted to use wheel type compost turner to process poultry waste. Why? It can help you to start a large scale poultry manure composting quickly and easily. On the one hand, its turning width can reach 10-30 m and turning depth is 1-3 m. So it can compost more poultry waste at one time. On the other hand, it has a high degree of automation. That is, after setting in motion, it can work to compost poultry dung without worker operation.

After recommending our double wheel type composter, we have made further adjustments based on local conditions.

  • The weather in Russia is cold and the composting speed will be greatly reduced. Therefore, according to this situation, we are equipped with a heating device, which can effectively improve the poultry manure composting efficiency.

  • During the composting process, it will produce odor and affect the environment. For this, a deodorizing device is essential. We will take this configuration into consideration during the installation process.

Top 1 environmentally friendly fermentation machine for your choice

After discussing based on local conditions, the Russian customer asked us if we have a fermentation equipment that can not only overcome the effects of weather and deodorize, but also the fermentation effect is very good. For this, we recommended an organic fertilizer fermentation tank for him.

Structure of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

Fast composting

Because it starts poultry dung composting in a closed environment and adopts double-layer insulation design. This composter can greatly reduce the outside world influence for your poultry manure composting. Including seasons, extreme weather, etc. So you can produce compost fertilizer out of poultry manure all over the year.

Environmentally friendly fermentation

For meeting international requirements of environmentally friendly, we especially equip our in-vessel composting equipment with water spray tower and activated carbon box. They can absorb NH3, H2S and other harmful gases caused by fertilizer fermentation to prevent air pollution. Therefore, for producing compost from poultry waste without pollution, organic fertilizer fermentation tank is your best option.

poultry organic fertilizer fermentation tank

How to get more profits from poultry manure composting?

After discussing the composting equipment, the Russian customer asked us how to make use of the composted poultry manure. We offer two options: powdery organic fertilizer production project and granular organic fertilizer making system.

powdery organic fertilizer making system in Russia

Powdery organic fertilizer making system for poultry manure treatment

Are you finding a plan for making organic fertilizer from poultry waste at a low cost? Do you want to buy a poultry poop fertilizer making line for small organic fertilizer plant setup? If your answer is yes, we recommend you purchase powdery fertilizer making line for your poultry manure disposal.

Granular fertilizer production line for poultry waste management

However, if you need a poultry manure disposal project with high commercial profits, further processing poultry litter compost into organic fertilizer pellets is your best choice. Moreover, granular poultry dung fertilizer production also can prevent sticking and nutrients layering. Therefore, it is more convenient for transport, storage and selling.

granular fertilizer production line for poultry waste management in Russia

In addition to composting poultry manure, we can also provide you with solutions for composting other materials, such as chicken manure composting and cow dung compost, etc. Finally, we told customer from Russia that YSX is a one-stop fertilizer equipment supplier. You only need to open a bank account to pay in RMB, and we can help with transportation and customs clearance.

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