Poultry manure contains all 13 of the essential plant nutrients that are used by plants. So using poultry manure as a fertilizer for crops may provide a portion, or all, of the plant requirements. But how to turn poultry manure into organic fertilizer? Equipment and technology are both important to produce. On 23rd February 2023, the customer from Armenia inquired about this. We recommend the client to use drum granulator with wet granulation. The following are the specific details of communication in this case.

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What Equipment is Suitable for Turning Poultry Manure into Organic Fertilizer?

Customer from Armenia told us that he wanted to know what equipment can turn poultry manure into organic fertilizer. Because he used 20 tons of floor manure with straw and 50 tons of cage manure as raw material, we recommend him to configure the rotary drum granulation machine. This machine’s capacity is about 1-30 tons per hour, which is suitable for him to produce organic fertilizer. And this equipment ‘s power is 5.5-37kw with different models, client can choose according to him requirements.

Can pan granulation produce organic fertilizer?

Of course. If customer wanted to use the above materials to produce organic fertilizer with pan granulation, we recommend him to configure combination of drum granulation and disc granulation. For this, customer from Armenia can first granulate through the disc granulator, and then use the drum granulator for secondary granulation. This makes the pellets harder and of better quality.

Technology for Making Poultry Manure Fertilizer in Armenia

Then customer from Armenia also wanted to know technology for processing poultry manure. According to the above equipment and the moisture of 46% or 74%, we recommend him to adopt wet granulation. Because wet granulation needs to increase the moisture content of the material to 45-50% during granulation. The customer’s material moisture is just right, if the moisture is too much, a manure separator can also be equipped in front.

What is the Cost of Turning Poultry Manure into Fertilizer in Armenia?

Finally, the client from Armenia wanted to get the quote of the system which treat poultry manure into organic fertilizer. Here, it’s essential to ensure capacity.

windrow compost system to make organic fertilizer

During communication, customer from Armenia had ensured that adopt wet granulation to make organic fertilizer. So he need to use these machines in his factory-compost turner, crusher, mixer, powder screener, granulator, granules screener, dryer, cooler, coating machine, bagging equipment and belt conveyor.

Then he can choose different capacity of machine according to his requirement. Different capacity has different price. So 1-20 tons per hour capacity, the price range is about $110,000-$550,000.  For this, he can determine the area of the factory building to calculate the rent. In addition, he also needs to determine the number of workers on the production line – 5 to get the labor cost.

treat poultry manure into organic fertilizer

The above are details about our communication with the customer from Armenia. In addition, besides the system for turning poultry manure into organic fertilizer,we also provide you with production project for making cow dung into pellets. So if you need them, please contact us immediately.

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