On 27th December 2023, there is a drum coating machine delivery to Thailand. It will be transported to the customer who plans to produce high quality fruits with using good fertilizer. This Thai client wanted to coating their NPK, urea and ammonium phosphate prils fertilizers in order to extend their release time. For this, he inquired us some questions about coating equipment and process. And we provided him with a professional fertilizer coating machine. The following are the details of this case:


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What scale drum coating machine can you choose in SX?

Because the customer from Thailand planned to coat fertilizers in the first phase production with the capacity of 400t/d, what scale drum coating machine is suitable for him? There are two scales for your choice.

fertilizer coating machine to Thailand

Large scale fertilizer coating machine for sale

According to the capacity of 400t/d, working 20 hours a day, this customer needs 20t/h fertilizer coating machine. For this, SX specially designed a suitable drum coating machine for you. It can coat 15-30 t/h pellets with BM 1800*8000. In addition, we can also provide you with 7-15 t/h fertilizer coating equipment as a alternate option.

Of course. If you want to coat 20t/h granules, but budget is not enough, we can give you another solution-small scale drum coating equipment. 1-5 t/h with BM1200*4000 and 5-7 t/h with BM1400*4000 coating machines are the best choices for you. You can buy 3 or 4 rotary coaters in the production line.

What materials are suitable for coating pellets?

In order to have high quality fruit, the customer from Thailand need to prolong the release time of fertilizer. But it is related to coating materials. So there are two types of materials for coating pellets. So the details are as follows:

For your reference, it is not true that a kind of fertilizer coating agent is suitable for all kinds of pellet fertilizers. So if you want to start your fertilizer business, you should find suitable coating material according to the ingredients of the fertilizer you’ll produce.

Choosing Suitable Materials for Granules Coating

How does fertilizer coating machine work to extend fertilizer release time?

This Thai client wanted to know the process of coating fertilizer. So our engineer explained him:

The granular fertilizers enter into the rotating part of the fertilizer coating drum machine from the feeding port. And then they will rotate along with the drum part. Near the discharge port, there is a sprinkling device, in which you should put the fertilizer coating agent. When the fertilizer pellets move to the sprinkling device, the prepared oily or powdery coating agent will be sprayed on the surface of the granule fertilizers. Finally, the machine will discharge coated fertilizer pellets into the next process.

Why do you choose SX fertilizer coating machine?

Thai client told us that he compared many companies and finally chose us. Why?

  • Through the processing of SX fertilizer coating drum, the coated pellet fertilizers will not cake together. Therefore, you can store the coated granular fertilizers for a long time.

  • The effective period of coated granular fertilizer is much longer because of SX drum coating machine. With a protecting film on the surface, the coated fertilizers will slowly release the available nutrients to the soil.

  • Coated pellet fertilizers are kind of eco-friendly fertilizers. If the fertilizer pellets get coated with coating agents by SX fertilizer coating machine, there will be less dust generated when the workers move the fertilizer bags.

Besides drum coating machine, SX can also provide you with many other auxiliary machines for organic or chemical fertilizer production. Including crusher, mixer, screening equipment, packaging scale, etc. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact us immediately.

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